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20 Gifts for English Majors

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Mara Franzen

Staff Writer

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It’s wild to think that in just about a month, universities will be reopening and students will be heading back to campus, be it online or in person. With the start of school fast approaching, you may be looking for a send-off gift for your favorite bookish student. While you can always go for a gift card or cash, there are also tons of adorable book-y things that can help spruce up a dorm or aid during all-night study sessions.

With gifts broken down into three main categories, there are a bunch of great options that are a good fit for most any English major. The first section is full of all wearable bookish things, from jewelry to T-shirts. The second section is devoted to items that will make their dorm room or apartment feel a little bit cozier and more like home. The last section is a little bit of a catch-all with ways to stay organized, cute accessories, and of course, bookmarks.

Leaving home to go to school can be scary, and even if your student is living at home college is still a huge new step. This list will help smooth the transition and remind the student that you’re rooting for them.

Gifts That They Can Wear!

These bookish earrings are perfect for any fashion-forward English student. With different colors to choose from, there’s sure to be a perfect fit for the bookish student in your life!

T-shirts are staples of almost every students wardrobe, and this floral book one is a top choice. With tons of colors and designs on the Etsy shop, there’s plenty of options to find the perfect fit for your student.

Sometimes old books just fall apart, but this shop repurposes them into these adorable purses! Perfect as a statement piece or as a place to store bookmarks and pencils, this is a thoughtful gift, and a way to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Adorable, comfortable, and literary, this Shakespeare quote shirt is a great addition to any students closet. Want a different quote? The shop is chock full of different quotes and prints!

If you know a student whose going to be studying in a colder climate, this infinity scarf is a great option. Printed with pages of text from their favorite book, its a great statement piece, that will keep them warm. There are a ton of different texts to choose from, so you’re bound to find one of their favorites!

There’s something eternally romantic about a locket, and even more so a locket shaped like a book. This book opens up to reveal a custom note that they can take out, as well as two images of your choosing. This is a great personal and thoughtful gift for anyone leaving home for the first time.

To Make the Dorm Feel Like Home

This Incredible BookNook is perfect for all your Lord of the Rings fans out there! Have someone in mind who doesn’t love Lord of the Rings? Don’t worry! This shop has tons of options that are guaranteed to spruce up even the most boring dorm room!

If there’s one thing English majors seem to agree on, it’s that the book smell is the best smell. So why not make your space smell like books all the time? The Old Books Candle is a great option, the shop has tons of bookish candles to choose from.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, dorm rooms can be a little, well…boring! But with these adorable book pillows boring rooms are a thing of the past! With tons of classic book covers to choose from, these pillows are adorable, nerdy, and comfortable! What more could you need?

Speaking of personalized pillows, this library themed pillow is a comfy and cute addition to any bland dorm room. With nine different colors to choose from, you can mix and match colors to fit any dorm aesthetic!

Part of being an English Major includes having a lot of books, and usually not enough room to keep them all. These Outlander bookends provide a little extra flair and balance to a precariously placed book line up. There are way more bookends to choose from the shop, so feel free to look around and find the right ones for your student.

This adorable reading pillow is equipped with a handle and a pocket making it a great road trip companion. The pocket can fit a standard sized book or ereader and is great for on the go, or in the dorm. The pillow also comes in tons of different styles with different bookish quotes so there’s a pillow to match the theme of most any dorm.

I think we can all agree that there’s nothing quite like an adorable and comfy spot to read, but sometimes in a dorm the only space is on the bed — so why not turn the bed into a book? You can customize this blanket to be from any book, making a scary new room, feel just as cozy as their favorite read.

Bookmarks, Journals, and KnickKnacks, Oh My!

These adorable library themed bookmarks are an adorable addition to any care package or send off gift. You and fill them out or leave them blank, either way they are the perfect way to save those books from dogeared pages.

Sometimes super late nights and all-nighters happen. This book light is a great option for students sharing a room, it provides enough light to read by, without lighting up the whole room.

Coffee(or tea) and college go hand-in-hand, so why not gift your favorite English major this banned book mug? Perfect for early mornings and late nights, this mug is sturdy and adorable!

Got a book that needs a little extra protection? These adorable book sleeves are a great idea for the bookworm in your life! This shop also has many different sizes and designs to choose from so have fun!

Give the gift of a personalized leather journal to your favorite student! These customizable journals are durable, and adorable. You can choose the color, size, and name to perfectly tailor the journal. The shop also has tons of other options like portfolios, wallets, and planners, so there’s plenty more to choose from.

Sometimes all nighters don’t last all night. but, this magnetic bookmark is perfect for saving your place when you can’t make it to the end of the page. Made with Faux leather that won’t damage the page this is great for library and rental books. And, it stands out enough that upon return you won’t forget to take it out!

While this list may feel like a broken record with all of the library card themed gifts, but as a former English major myself I promise they’ll be a hit! This library phone case fits most phones, and provides protection while looking adorable.

Between assigned reading, and reading for fun, English majors tend to have a lot of books and chapters to keep track of. This reading journal makes that easy. It’s got 176 pages with ways to track pages, quotes, and new information. Plus it’s customizable to be the size, layout, and name to truly make it one of a kind.