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GIDEON THE NINTH Goodies for Locked Tomb Fans

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“Lesbian necromancers in space” is a hell of a way to advertise a book, and Tamsyn Muir followed through on that promise. One of the difficult things about this series is that readers tend to finish the first two books and a) obviously immediately want the not-yet-released third volume and b) want a similar series. Is there really anything quite like this ridiculous, over-the-top, queer sci fi-meets-fantasy series, though? There aren’t any exact matches, but there are some books worth reading next if you loved Gideon the Ninth.

Of course, another option for if you can’t let go of the Locked Tomb trilogy is to start making your own stories set inside of that world! Fan fiction is always a worthwhile fan pursuit, but you can make it interactive by creating a roleplaying game set in the Empire! It’s a perfect setting to add a creepy (and queer!) tone to your campaign. Besides, who can resist playing through a “space fantasy murder mystery adventure”?

The Locked Tomb trilogy is a unique series, but it seems to have found its audience, and its fans are enthusiastic! From the creepy but funny tone to the unforgettable characters and the intriguing world, there’s a lot to love in Gideon the Ninth. I’ve done some poking around on Etsy, and I’m happy to say that there are lots of fun Locked Tomb goodies to collect, from patches and stickers to a customized leather jacket! I hope you like skulls!

"One Flesh, One End, Bitch" Gideon the Ninth t-shirt

Let’s start off simple with a Gideon the Ninth T-shirt that reads “One Flesh One End, Bitch.” $22–24

Gideon the Ninth sweatshirt reading Ninth House: Death first to vultures and scavengers

Or grab something a little warmer with this sweatshirt reading “Ninth House: Death first to vultures and scavengers.” $35

A faux leather jacket painted with a skull and quotations from Gideon the Ninth

This faux leather jacket hand-painted with a skull wearing sunglasses and quotation from Gideon the Ninth is a showstopper. $250

The Locked Tomb - Princess of Ida Earrings

Never has a skeleton hand looked so dainty and classy! These Princess of Ida earrings celebrate the Lyctor. $32

The Locked Tomb house skull pins

Show off your pick of House with these skull enamel pins! They’re also available as patches. $13 each

Gideon the Ninth "Careful, It's Soup" pin

Unsettle those around you who haven’t read the Locked Tomb trilogy yet with this Careful, It’s Soup pin. $13

Decorate your phone with these adorable house skull charms! $5

Gideon the Ninth custom funko pop

This handmade Gideon the Ninth custom Funko pop will stand out in a collection or decorate a bookshelf all on its own. $50

Gideon the Ninth mug

This Locked Tomb mug has both Gideon and Harrow’s grumpy faces to brighten your morning. It’s also available as a sticker! $14

Gideon the Ninth wine glass

Or maybe a wine glass is more your style! This “One Flesh, One End, Bitch” glass is available in a stemmed or stemless version. $22

Gideon the Ninth Patches

Gideon the Ninth and Harrow patch

This Gideon and Harrow patch is the perfect way to decorate a jean jacket. $21

Cavaliers get the job done Gideon the Ninth patch

BICEPS. AND A SWORD. This is truly a Gideon the Ninth patch unfairly targeting queer women. It’s also available as a sticker! $18

Locked Tomb Ianthe patch

Gideon and Harrow aren’t the only Locked Tomb characters worth depicting! Here is a patch starring Ianthe. $16

Locked Tomb iron-on patches

Get some Locked Tomb iron-on patches to spice up your wardrobe! $13

Gideon the Ninth Eat Me, Milk Man patch

Spot the Gideon the Ninth fans around you with this “Eat Me, Milk Man” patch! Confuse everyone else. $12

Locked Tomb Bookmarks

Harrow and Gideon magnetic bookmarks

These Harrow and Gideon magnetic bookmarks are available in two sizes, and in a set or separately. $4–10

The Ninth House bookmark

I love this gorgeous the Ninth House fanart bookmark! $3

Locked Tomb metal bookmark

This metalmark is sturdy and gorgeous, illustrated with house skulls. $10

Gideon the Ninth quotation bookmark

This bookmark is decorated with an inspirational quotation from Gideon the Ninth — or, what counts as inspirational in Locked Tomb: “But Gideon was experiencing one powerful emotion: being sick of everyone’s shit.” $4

Gideon the Ninth We Do Bones bookmark

This glittery Gideon the Ninth metal bookmark has an enamel skull to mark your page! $14

Gideon the Ninth Stickers

Harrow sticker

This Harrow the Ninth sticker has the same image that is on the mug listed earlier, and it also available as a print! $3

Griddlehark sticker

Channel some of the ridiculousness of Locked Tomb with this Griddlehark” sticker. $4

Harrowhark sticker

Another Harrowhark sticker! Shiny. $3

Gideon the Ninth death first to vultures and scavengers sticker

This vinyl “Death first to vultures & scavengers” sticker works equally well as a bullet journal decoration (a Locked Tomb theme??) or a laptop decal! $2–3

Gideon the Ninth Pride Skull stickers

These Gideon the Ninth pride skull stickers are available in any pride flag configuration! Or you can get smaller versions as sticker sheets. $3

Skeleton middle finger laptop sticker

These stickers of skeletal hands holding up the middle finger aren’t exclusive to Locked Tomb, but they’re sure relevant. $3

Gideon the Ninth vinyl decal

This Gideon the Ninth vinyl decal shows off your Locked Tomb fandom with flair. $5

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