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Gideon the Ninth Gifts for Your Necromancer Heart

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Rey Rowland


A daydreamer and a bit of a lost cause, Rey loves stories. Whether they're book shaped or you can see them on a screen, a story always hides in the corners of her mind. She's working on a few stories of her own, always accompanied by her trusty cat.

I’ll just say it: I loved Gideon the Ninth. The mix of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and even mystery worked for me perfectly. Oh, and the humor. Every few pages I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Gideon was an amazing narrator. And now I’ve gone and finished Harrow the Ninth, too — which left a skull-shaped hole in my heart. This is a common occurrence when I finish a book I love, which is why I love wearing things or seeing trinkets that remind me of my favorite books. They can send me back to a particularly memorable moment, or just make me remember how much I enjoyed reading it. So, while I wait for my new dose of sword fighting and necromancy, I decided to take a dive into Etsy and see if I could find something to remind me of Gideon and Harrow. 

To my utter delight, there are a good amount of Gideon the Ninth gifts lying around on Etsy. From pins to T-shirts and stickers — if you love Gideon you’ll probably love these. No spoilers, but there’ll be a good amount of skulls. Just like Harrow likes it.

So without further ado, here are 13 amazing Gideon the Ninth gifts for your necromancer hearts! 

Gideon the Ninth Gifts

Gideo the ninth gift candle

Let the smell of sea-salt and leather take you back to Canaan House with this scented candle. $20

gideon the ninth gift bookmark

Reread the books with the company of these cute Gideon and Harrow magnetic bookmarks! $4 to $10, depending on size and if you buy one of them or both.

gideon the ninth gift t-shirt

Show everyone your love for the books when you walk around in this T-shirt! It comes in sizes S to 3XL and in grey or black. Although we know Gideon would go for the black. $23


Support one of the Nine Houses with these beautiful, handmade enamel pins. There’s one for each house plus a Gideon one. $12 each.

gideon the ninth gift tote bag

We all need something to store our books and other knickknacks, and this illustrated tote bag is perfect! $11

gideon the ninth gift holo charms

Take the characters with you anywhere you go with these cute holo charms! Unfortunately, Ianthe is sold out. But Gideon and Harrow would make a great pair. $13 each.

gideon the ninth gift washi tape

Decorate your notebooks or journals with this fun washi tape full of swords and skeletons. $8

Gideon the Ninth gift patch

Patches look amazing on jackets or backpacks — and this embroidered, sew-on patch is no exception! $12

gideon the ninth gift print

Now you can always remember Harrow and her icy crush Alecto as you stare at this 8×10 print of them embracing. $15

gideon the ninth gift sticker

Put this iconic quote anywhere with this amazing, illustrated vinyl sticker. The large one goes for $3, and the small one for $2.

Gideon the Ninth gift cam keychain

Love other characters? You can carry Camilla Hect anywhere with this acrylic keychain! $7

gideon the ninth gift glass

Pour your drink of choice in this hand-painted glass. It comes in three options: stemmed, stemless, and with a stemmed painted base. The first two are $20, and the third one goes for $22.

gideon the ninth gift gideon pin

Lastly, another beautiful enamel pin with Gideon’s iconic quote. $9.50

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