Get Ready for THE DARK TOWER Movie With Some Awesome Fan Art

Are you as excited about the Dark Tower movie as I am? I’ve been longing for the movie version for years, and now that it’s almost here, the anticipation is almost too much! I’ve been whetting my appetite for all things Mid-World and beyond by checking out the awesome art people have made inspired by the books. Which ones appeal to you?

A pistol forming the words Stand and Be True with a rose growing out of the barrell

Stand and Be True Print

plain black t-shirt with the words Roland& Eddie& Susannah& Jake& Oy

Roland & Eddie & Susannah & Jake & Oy T-Shirt

Dark Tower Leather Bookmark

Dark Tower Leather Bookmark

poster of Roland, as played by Idris Elba with the line I Kill With My Heart

I Do Not Kill With My Gun Art Print

Two gold necklaces, one that says Ka and has a gun pendant and another saying Tet with a rose

Ka Tet Best Friend Necklaces

Stephen King The Dark Tower Clock

Dark Tower Wall Clock

Gold Keychain with gun and rose and placard saying remember the face of my father

Remember the Face of My Father Key Ring

Poster of Stephen King's The Dark Tower with tower and sunset in the background and two figure walking toward it

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There Are Other Worlds Than These Poster

Gold pendant shaped like a keyhole with a rose and gun

Gunslinger Keyhole and Rose Necklace

Long Days and Pleasant Nights Poster

The Man in Black … Makeup Bag

Dark Tower Ka Symbol

Ka Sticker

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