More Books to Get Booked With

It is a truth universally acknowledged that former booksellers in possession of a podcast must be in want of as many opportunities to recommend books as possible. Meet Get Booked: The Handsell, our new regular bonus episode!

Each Thursday on the Get Booked podcast, Amanda and I recommend books to listeners based on their questions and reading preferences. Now, each Monday, we’ll also be shouting out one great book! It’s called The Handsell, and it’s coming to your ears starting today, February 3. In 10(ish) minutes or less, we’ll tell you what we picked, why we picked it, and who should pick it up.

You can expect deep backlist, titles that defy easy description, books that seem otherwise un-recommendable, and others that we just don’t get a chance to talk about on Get Booked.

If you’re already subscribed to Get Booked, you’re all set! It will automagically start appearing in your feed. Not subscribed? You can find us on the podcatcher of your choice; here it is on Spotify and Apple Podcasts to get you started.