Quiz: Which Georgette Heyer Novel Should You Read?

Ready to take a Georgette Heyer quiz and discover which of her novels you should read? Georgette Heyer is basically my go-to comfort read author. From the 1920s to the 1970s, she wrote 32 historical romances. The British Regency period is ubiquitous within historical romance because of her almost single-handed work. And people regularly call her “the next best thing to Jane Austen” who definitely inspired her own work. Before discovering my own love of Mr. Darcy or romance novels, I grew up with my great grandmother’s extensive collection of Georgette Heyer novels on my bookshelf. My middle school years were spent reading about Almacks and well-fitting knee breeches in the pages of her books.

And while I don’t think Georgette Heyer competes with Jane Austen in terms of parody, social critique, or internal characterization, she does bring the same time period alive. Her books are more formulaic, but they are always hilarious and romantic, and often include an element of suspense. As romance readers know, the ability to keep characters and plot fresh within a formula is no small feat. And it’s one Georgette Heyer accomplishes with aplomb over and over and over again.

As I wrote before, Georgette Heyer wrote 32 historical romance novels, along with several other books experimenting with different genres. There are so many to choose from. That’s why I created this Georgette Heyer quiz to help you narrow down which one you want to read. Whether you are looking to read your first of her novels or just the next one, you can answer these ten questions and find a suggestion of one of my favorites. From her cult classics like The Grand Sophy to her lesser known works like Sprig Muslin, I hope there is a comforting Regency read in your future.

I hope you enjoy your Georgette Heyer comfort read! Once you exhaust her backlog try perusing this list of unusual historical romances or these suggestions for books similar to Pride and Prejudice.

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