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15 Smashingly Beautiful Agate And Geode Bookends

There’s something so incredibly beautiful about geode bookends for a bookshelf. Raw and exposed on the edges, brilliantly shiny on the inside. Just like a book, I’d say.

Here are some of my favorite agate and geode bookends, whether you’re showing off your books in your home library or adding some natural touches to a nursery.

Many of these are one-of-a-kind, especially from the Etsy sellers. So jump on ’em fast if you want them. Many of the Etsy shops featured, however, have loads of other amazing natural bookends to choose from.

(Note: Agates are a type of gem that can come in geode formations, but beyond that I just know they’re both shiny, so don’t @ me if I listed something incorrectly.)


Shut up and take my money geode bookends from The Hollow Geode

White Geode Bookends


Purple agate bookends with Brazilian quartz geode from Bull City Gems

Purple Geode Bookends


Pink AND gold agate bookends from Design Pretty 

Pink And Gold Geode Bookends


Burnt orange geode bookends from Styxx And Stones Studio

Burnt Orange Agate Bookends


Another marvelously gorgeous purple bookend from Styxx And Stones Studio


Lovely blue geode bookends from West Elm 


Beautifully calming gray agate bookends from Caris Green

Gray Agate Bookends


These blue agate bookends from Rock Paradise are stunning

Blue Agate Bookends

Green agate bookends from Earthmade Studio 

Green agate geode bookends


White geode bookends with transparent glass stands from Houzz

White Geode Bookends


Large geode bookends from Overstock.com 


And, for your trade paperback shelf, smaller blue agate bookends from Amazon


White agate bookends from Pottery Barn 


Pink agate bookends from Crystal Gem Stone Shop


And, I couldn’t get out of here without one more set of blue bookends from Styxx And Stones Studio (because their work is amazing!)

Blue Geode Bookends


Do you love geodes and agates as library decor? Got any options I missed? Make sure to share your favorites in the comments! And, for even more bookend inspiration, check out “10 To-Die-For Bookends on Etsy” and “50 Fabulous Bookends.”

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