Gendered Genre Terminology: Books for Men


Let’s talk about men for a minute. The poor dears.

We women get all these fancy terms to set books about/by/for us apart from the rest – like “chick lit” – while books for men are just left flapping out there in the breeze of general availability.

Why should women get to be marginalized – I mean, specially acknowledged – and men left out so cruelly? It’s unjust.

I’ve drafted this list of proposed man-specific genres that I recommend we work into mainstream book parlance as soon as possible. It’s far too confusing to simply discuss books as books without specifying which gendered shelf they belong on.

I feel that the the following are all as necessary and relevant as their lady-centric equivalents (for example: “Cool Girl Noir” and “Women’s Fiction”).

Manly genre categories:

  • Dude lit
  • Boy toy thriller
  • History (sadly needs no qualifier)
  • Men-moirs
  • Lecherous math teacher saga
  • YMA
  • Gentlemanly satire
  • RoMANce
  • Dystopian Bar Mitzvah
  • Mister mystery
  • Dick lit
  • Broetry
  • All-boys boarding school noir
  • Beefcake Bildungsroman
  • Ars Broetica
  • Stallion science fiction
  • Virile fairy tale
  • Pee-wee philosophy
  • Rugged tragicomedy
  • He-man gothic
  • Paterfamillial paranormal fantasy
  • Mandventure
  • Urban lumberjack fantasy
  • Bro’s prose
  • Boys-will-be-boys postmodern occupational fiction
  • Ron Swanson-ology
  • Young buck novella
  • Epic fantasy (rife with breasts)
  • Jock tearjerker
  • Self-help books for lesser men
  • Bromance

Suggested book titles to launch the aformentioned manly genre categories:

  • Always a Wingman
  • Mansplain Your Way into Her Heart
  • A Fantasy Football Fantasy
  • But I’m Allergic to Latex
  • Bitches in Kitchens
  • The Haunted Vibrator
  • Accountant With the Heart of a Lion
  • Returning The Favor: A Real Thing
  • Women Who Love to be Told That They’re Wrong
  • After I Left The Seat Up
  • How to Take Up More Space on Public Transportation
  • The Urinal Caper
  • All I Did was Tell Her to Smile
  • Ode to My Balls
  • It’s Not a Mid-Life Crisis; You’ve Always Wanted a Motorcycle
  • Let’s Talk More About The War
  • The $8,000 Suit
  • Vasectomies Gone Wrong: A Ghost Story Compilation
  • 101 Ways to Leer
  • Your Uncle’s Secrets
  • She Wanted to Cuddle
  • Find the Fireman Within You

I’m glad we could sort this out. I look forward to moving together into a brighter future, fellow gendered readers.