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The Best Gaming Gear for Dungeons & Dragons and Tabletop RPGs

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Annika Barranti Klein

Contributing Editor

Annika Barranti Klein likes books, obviously.   Twitter: @noirbettie

Tabletop gaming is one of my favorite social activities. I’m an outgoing introvert, and I enjoy the opportunity to be socially bookish (or bookishly social). Tabletop games are great for families/roommates, and if you are socially distancing, you can play with friends via video call.

One of the best parts of tabletop gaming is that you need only make a small investment—a few core source books, a set of dice, and maybe one or two additional items—but if you have a little extra to spend, you can make the gaming experience a true delight. These are mainly non-book items, but I’ve linked to some other excellent posts with bookish items at the bottom.

Most of the items I’ve found are specifically for Dungeons & Dragons, but I’ve included other gaming systems when I could find fun stuff for them—and of course, a lot of D&D gear works for other games.

Amazing Gear for RPG Players

Field Notes 5E Character Journal 2-Pack Field Notes 5E Character Journal

I don’t even particularly like 5E, but I love notebooks and I NEED THESE. $16.95

D&D 5E Spell Tracker Scroll

Available with customizations, these look very useful for tracking your 5E spells. $23+

Bag of Holding

Yes, the bag of holding is a D&D-specific item, but you could use this bag for your gear for any tabletop RPG, or even as a daily bag. $26.99+

Deck of Many Things

This deck of cards is based on an in-game item from D&D. $15.70

Savage Worlds Bennies

Bennies are tokens players can use in Savage Worlds games for various bonuses like re-rolling their dice (bennies replace the poker chips used in Deadlands, the predecessor to Savage Worlds). $14.99 from Pinnacle, or you can get the complete Savage Worlds Essentials, including the game books, dice, the GM screen (also below), and lots more.

Dice & Dice Accessories

D&D Reclaimed Wood Dice Box

I keep my dice in a drawstring bag, as I assume most gamers do, but this lovely handmade box is very tempting. $34.99+

Walnut Dice Tray

Customizable with various colors of faux leather for the dice rolling surface. $60

Vertical Shelves for Dice Collectors

Had I one inch of display space remaining in my entire life, I would consider these. I have some very pretty dice. $28+

Gnomish Invention Brushed Metal Dice

These are soooooo pretty. Made of zinc. $19.50

Gaming Mugs

Potion of Healing Mug

I might need this mug for my coffee. $12+

Tea-Fling Mug

This is my new favorite pun. $14.95+

GM Screens

D&D 5E Dungeon Master’s Screen Reincarnated

If you run a 5E campaign, this is the best screen for your money, as it has everything you need printed right on it for handy reference. $11

Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen

I love Savage Worlds because it’s a system that can be used for any type of game. If you run a Savage Worlds game or need a customizable screen for a gaming system that doesn’t have its own screens, this one lets you insert your own printed sheets, front and back. $27

Gaming Shirts

Bard Retro Class Long Sleeve Tee

I’ve never actually played a bard, and now I want to so I can wear this excellent shirt. (They have lots of other character classes in the same style, but for some reason this one speaks to me!) Several colors, sizes up to 3X. $22.99

What Doesn’t Kill You Gives You XP

It’s almost too bad this is so obviously D&D specific, because I feel like it could apply to any game, and to life in general. Sizes up to Men’s 4X. $17.63

Run D&D Tee

I would pay good money to see the members of Run-DMC in this shirt. Sizes up to Men’s 4X. $17.63

Dungeon Meowster Tee

For the adorable game runners! In several colors, sizes up to 3X. $16.99+

Chaotic Neutral Tee

Available in all alignments and several colors. Sizes up to 3X. $23.06

Page Fuck You I’m The Dungeon Master Tee

For the, er, authoritarian game runner. Several colors, sizes up to 5X. $16+

Please Don’t Kill My Character Tee

For the poor player stuck in the last T-shirt’s owner’s game. Several colors, sizes up to Men’s 3X. $19.99+

World’s Most OK DM Sweatshirt

This one is way more my speed. Several colors, Unisex sizing up to 2X. Ships from the UK. $39.21

Choose Your Weapon Dice Tee

Perfect for all gaming systems, this one asks you to choose your weapon. Several colors, sizes up to Men’s 3X. $20+


DIY D&D Coffee Table 

I now know that one can purchase plans for this absolutely bonkers gaming coffee table, and I couldn’t help sharing that information with you. $20 (plus supplies and building)

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