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10 “From the Library Of” Stamps for Your Home Book Collection

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There’s nothing more exciting for a book lover than being surrounded by a beautiful personal library. If you’re like me and a little ~extra obnoxious~ in your book loving (hoarding) tendencies, you like marking your library with something special and beautiful. “From the Library Of” stamps and embossers are some of my favorite ways to add a touch more personality to my books. (For the non-book people, these also make excellent gifts, and the home librarian will love you for adding a beautiful stamp or embosser to their collection.) Here are a few of my favorite “From the Library Of” stamps.

From the Library Of personalized stamp

This beautifully simple, customizable from the library of stamp.


Teacher Classroom From the Library Of stamp

An amazingly helpful stamp for teachers who loan their books out to (sometimes forgetful) students to keep track of their classroom library contents.


Custom State City Family Library Stamp

This customizable, state-specific library stamp for a large family book collection.


Library Card Custom Name From the Library Of Stamp

For the nostalgic library lovers, this throwback personal library stamp is perfect to mark your books for your book collection.


This gorgeous octopus stamp is one of the most beautiful From the Library Of stamps out there.


This customizable library stamp that calls us to the mountains.



From the Library Of Book Emboss Stamp

This gorgeous minimalist embosser for the lovers of a more subtle personal mark on their books.


For those looking for a more floral or nature-inspired approach, this Ex Libris tree stamp is ideal for a versatile personal book stamp.


This “Belongs To” stamp features gorgeous typography and comes with a gentle reminder for borrowers.


From the Library Of Personalized Name Stamp

A beautiful font-forward, custom name stamp for your home library collection.

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