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Friday Fund Day: Drop Some Dollars and Help Some Classrooms

Abigail Clarkin

Staff Writer

Abigail can often be found holding a book in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other. When she is not devouring stories (or dessert), Abigail trains for marathons and writes poetry about growing up with eight brothers and sisters. She enjoys working in marketing for a real estate developer and creating Instagram content for fun (@marathonandmunch) about all the tasty eats found in Providence, RI.

With the world being a difficult place for those of any marginalized background, one of the things those of us who are looking to do something can do is donate to those in need. Thousands of teachers each year ask for a little help with seeking supplies for their classrooms via Donors Choose; organizations that do work with at-risk communities like prison populations seek spare change to advocate for and bring literacy to those groups; and nonprofits that provide necessary resources to empower women and people of color are always hoping for a few bucks to make their vital work possible.

Enter: Friday Fund Days.

Book Riot readers have helped fund hundreds of classrooms over the last few years, and we’ll help bring funds to hundreds more. Each Friday, we’ll highlight two classrooms or other literacy-focused, important projects in hopes you’ll help them reach their goals to bring literature, advocacy, and education to others.

Even if you can’t spare money, any social sharing you can offer to the projects each week absolutely helps: you never know who’ll find it and have the means by which to make the project’s fundraising goals reached. More, you’ll bring awareness to the unmet needs in communities around the world, as well as right in your own back yard.

When all else feels hard or hopeless, remember that you can and do make a difference.

This Week’s Projects

1. Pre-K is Learning No Matter Where We Are, Providence, RI ($642)

The Project

“These materials will greatly help my students to learn through play alongside with their families. The book collections will provide them with opportunities to read at home with a family member. This will help to expand their language and vocabulary. The watercolors will allow my students to express themselves in different ways through art. The sensory tubs will help some of my students to slow down and organize themselves so that they are more easily and effectively able to learn. My students and their families have been working SO hard please help them to access materials they are so deserving of! Thank you in advance!”

Nearly half the students in this classroom come from low-income households. Half of those in Mrs. H’s classroom have Individualized Education Programs (IEP).

Click here to donate to Mrs. H’s classroom.

2. Garfield for Distance Learning, Lakewood, CO ($714)

The Project

“We have an opportunity to open new doors to their learning and introduce new things to them, or just enjoy bringing a smile to their face in these troubling times. This is a new experience for all of us and reaching out to our students in new ways is one of the best things we can do.

“I have ordered a number of Garfield comic books that I will share with my students.

“Before we left school, I had three Garfield books that all the students wanted. If this project gets funded, I plan on giving a book to each of my students and will replicate this project until I have enough books to provide four books per student at varying reading levels. The goal of this project is to provide engaging books that are at students’ reading levels to keep them reading while at home.”

Nearly all of the students in this classroom are from low-income households.

Click here to donate to Ms. Mendez’s classroom.

The lives of students can be impacted by your generosity; donating to or simply sharing their classroom needs on social media can make such a huge difference. Thank you for being part of their learning journey.