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Free Comics For Black History Month

Troy L. Wiggins

Staff Writer

Troy L. Wiggins is from Memphis, Tennessee. He was raised on a steady diet of comic books, fantasy fiction, and role-playing games. His short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Griots: Sisters of the Spear, Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction From the Margins of History, The Afrikana Review, Literary Orphans, and Memphis Noir. When he's not tweeting @TroyLWiggins, he finds time to update his blog, Afrofantasy, where he writes about the intersection of speculative fiction, race, and nerd culture. He has found his way back to Memphis, and he currently lives there with his wife and their tiny expuptriate. Blog: Troy L. Wiggins Twitter: @TroyLWiggins

Concrete Park Puryear AlexanderBlack History Month is rapidly coming to a close. Before it ends, why not take the time to grab up some free comics? A few publishers have decided partner with cComixology to give fans a way to read some of their hit titles for free, so take advantage before it’s too late.

Dark Horse Comics has been generous enough to make their hit series Concrete Park free for the entire month of February. Billed as a “dark, sexy sci-fi saga,” Concrete Park boasts an eclectic cast, some sharp writing, and gorgeous art. In case you didn’t know, free is approximately the same price as a breath of fresh air. You can’t beat that.

Aside from being free on Comixology, you can also read Concrete Park for free at Dark Horse’s Digital Comic store.

Action Lab Entertainment, a collective of writers and artists with experience in TV, film, and comics has made seven (!) of their titles free on Comixology for Black History Month as well as part of a collaboration with Vixen, founder of Black Comics Month and VixenVarsity. Here are my recommendations on what to grab, but why not just get all of them?

Princeless Whitley Goodwin KimPrinceless #1 by Jeremy Whitley, Goodwin, and Jung-Ha Kim

Ready for your own adventure? So are we. Princeless is the story of Princess Adrienne, one princess who’s tired of waiting to be rescued. Join Adrienne and her guardian dragon, Sparky, as they begin their own quest in an all-ages action adventure designed specifically for those who are tired of waiting to be rescued– and who are ready to save themselves.”



Fight Like a Girl Pinckney Lee 1Fight Like A Girl #1 by David Pinckney and Soo Lee

“Standing before a jury of nine gods, Amarosa pleads for a chance to risk her life and gain entry to the Wishing Well where she will attempt to fight her way through and survive nine trials to claim her prize: a single wish that will save her terminally-ill brother.”



Molly Danger IgleMolly Danger #1 by Jamal Igle, Juan Castro and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

“She’s the hero you’ve been waiting for! Eternally child-like and inhumanly strong, Molly Danger has protected the citizens of the once sleepy town of Coopersville, New York for the past 20 years from the terror of the sinister Supermechs. But what secrets from her past threaten to destroy everything she holds dear when new D.A.R.T. recruit Austin Briggs becomes her pilot?”


Midnight Tiger 1 Height Feenstra LittleMidnight Tiger #1 by Dwayne Feenstra and Ray-Anthony Height

“Having lost all hope in the heroes of his world, fate steps in and gives young Gavin Shaw the power to do the things they have not. Only as the teenage hero Midnight Tiger does his city have a chance at redemption.”



Action Lab’s other free titles include Nutmeg #1, The F1rst Hero #1, and Cyrus Perkins and The Haunted Taxi #1. To get these free titles, go on over to Comixology and put in the code BCM-ActionLab at checkout. Happy Black History month, and enjoy your (free) comics!