Free Book Folding Patterns to Do While Social Distancing

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Alex Rouch

Staff Writer

As an editor, Alexandra Rouch finds joy in helping authors strengthen their work. In undergrad, she wrote esoteric English papers on queerness and power dynamics that vexed and exhausted her faculty. Her life ambition is to achieve the tranquility present in Mary Oliver’s work; until then, she spends her time thinking about the monstrous feminine and getting in fistfights with her own metaphors.

Quarantine is the perfect time to craft and clear out your bookshelf—so why not do both with some free book folding patterns? There are lots of crafts you can do with old books, but book folding is one of the best places to start for beginners (not to mention, it doesn’t involve destroying books, which can be a hard pass for many Rioters). Book folding is a simple, relaxing activity that requires only a few materials to get amazing results.  Folded books are a low-cost, mess-free way to craft your own bookish home decor. For the Marvel and DC geeks out there, there are even superhero patterns!  So instead of getting rid old the hardbacks that you don’t plan to reread, repurpose them and keep yourself and the kiddos busy with these free book folding patterns!


Can’t choose between cats and dogs? Why not both? This cute, minimalist pattern would be a great addition to any room. Just don’t let your cat knock it down!

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Are you a nature lover? Try this gorgeous deer scene for a more challenging piece.

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If you’re not opposed to doing a bit of cutting in addition to folding, try this beautiful, intricate flower pattern!

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And of course, no flower is complete without a butterfly!

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Got an anniversary coming up? Or maybe you’re searching for a sentimental Mother’s Day gift for your bookish mom? These hearts would be a great place to start.

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And for Father’s Day, why not give this word pattern a go?

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What’s better than books and coffee? A free book folding pattern of a coffee cup, of course!

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Beyond Free Book Folding Patterns

These free patterns are a great place to start when trying your hand at this type of craft. If you get the bug for book folding and want more projects, you can find any number of resources on in communities on Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, and more. Check out some of these tutorials on YouTube if you want to expand your knowledge.

Etsy also has a number of low-cost patterns and free tutorials to help you become a book folding pro. Check out these gorgeous designs this stunning rose (very Beauty and the Beast) or this 2020 graduate cap (a great gift for any soon-to-be English grad). Finally, if you want to buy a book to teach you to fold books, start with Folded Book Art by Clare Youngs or Folded Book Art Made Easy by Marta Decker. And if you end up simply having too many books to fold, check out our post on other things to do with used books!