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Foggy Nelson: A Haiku Love Letter

Well, Season 2 of Daredevil arrived last Friday, and I promptly crammed it into my eyes as fast as I could. It was a wild ride, but as usual, my shining light through it all was my boo Foggy Nelson. To show my appreciation, I have written a haiku for every episode about the man, the myth, the Foggy Bear.


(Spoilers below, natch!)

201: Bang

Franklin P. Nelson:
Pink shirt at a biker bar
A fashion badass

202: Dogs to a Gunfight

“You can have pants back
when you’re not bleeding, Matthew
Foggy: tough but fair

203: New York’s Finest

“Don’t go running out
into a hail of bullets,
Karen – that’s my job”

204: Penny and Dime

“In my defense, I
wore a tasteful wacky tie
to this funeral”

205: Kinbaku

Just one shot of Fog
in a cheap flashback wig? I
want my money back

206: Regrets Only

Foggy did theater
in summer camp – delightful!
Let’s see those jazz hands

207: Semper Fidelis

Opening statement?
Aw yeah, nailed it, your honor
P.S. Screw you, Matt

208: Guilty as Sin

Objection, Francis!
Foggy’s saving your dumb life
Shut up your dumb mouth

209: Seven Minutes in Heaven

Nelson and Murdock
is shutting its doors. I’M NOT

210: The Man in the Box

Franklin P. Nelson:
Seems the P stands for Percy
I can’t stop laughing

211: .380

Poor injured Foggy
You deserve that teddy bear
And also that hooch

212: The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

Franklin P. Nelson:
Really good at his job and
the heart of this show

213: A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen

Goodbye, sweet Foggy
See you in Jessica Jones
…or else, Mr. Loeb