Flowchart Friday: Literary Troll Edition

Did you get trolled yesterday? A lot of us in the YA world did when we read Joel Stein’s NYT piece about how YA books are super dumb and junk. The key giveaway that the piece was a troll of the YA community designed to drive page views came when Stein gleefully admitted that he didn’t actually have any first-hand experience with the genre he was deriding. Classic troll move. “I don’t read romances, but they’re for bored housewives. Obv.” Or, “I don’t watch animated movies, but Pixar is stupid.” See, you’re being trolled. When people actually want to engage in intelligent debate, they usually learn something about the thing they’re debating.

Are you unsure as to whether or not you got trolled? Here’s a flowchart to help. (Full disclosure: I totally got trolled.)