First Photo From Wonder Woman Sequel Revealed

If you were distraught over the ending to the Wonder Woman movie, I (via Patty Jenkins) have some fantabulous news for you…


Steve Trevor liiiiiiiiives.

As all you Pine Nuts remember, the ruggedly handsome pilot Steve Trevor heroically sacrificed himself at the end of the first Wonder Woman movie, shattering the hearts of people around the globe.

Well. As you can see, it looks like Mr. Trevor makes a miraculous recovery. But anyone who knows Pine signed a multi-picture deal could have predicted that. Also, because you ALWAYS need a love interest. Is my sarcasm coming through?

We can also deduce from the tweet that the second Wonder Woman installment will be set in 1984. Or at least will have flashes to 1984. The sequel is slated to be released Nov. 1, 2019 and has some big shoes to fill. The first movie grossed $817 million at the box office and is universally acclaimed.

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