10 Festive Christmas Poems To Get You Ready For The Holidays

Matt Grant

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Ready to get your holiday season started off right? Try these festive Christmas poems that can be read alone with a mug of tea or read out loud to bring in the season.

The Best Christmas Poems

10 great Christmas poems to help get you into the season. Christmas poems | poetry | seasonal poetry | holiday poetry | Christmas literature

1. Christmas at Sea by Robert Louis Stevenson

2. Remembrance of Christmas Past by Judith Viorst

3. Christmas Comes Again by Elizabeth Drew Stoddard


Let me be merry now, ’tis time;
The season is at hand
For Christmas rhyme and Christmas chime,
Close up, and form the band.

4. Why I Dread Christmas by Marena Koenka

5. For the Neighbor at Christmas by Maria Catherino


On Christmas day you show me how to seed a pomegranate

to split it down the center and
pluck out the pulpy red eyes with a fork.
I pile them on the cutting board, their white pupils watching as we talk about
music, bicycles, the liberal arts
and what passes for pleasantries between strangers.

Christmas Poems for Kids

6. Singing Christmas Carols by Jack Prelutsky


On Christmas Eve we bundle up
and go out caroling,
our neighbors shut their windows
when they hear my family sing.

7. Merry by Shel Silverstein

The Pin

8. Dear Santa Slam from SPARC Poetry

Winter Holiday Poems

9. Chanukah Lights Tonight by Steven Schneider

10. A Poem of Unity: Kwanzaa, Day 1 by Sonia Dixon


Here we are on distant shores,
Searching for love ones lost,
Knowing their pain and suffering
Was an ocean of love lost.
Can’t you see the sun is shining
Bringing energies of love?

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