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Amazing Feminist Enamel Pins for Readers and Book Worms

I sincerely hope enamel pins never go out of style, because they’re everything perfect and wonderful in a tiny, affordable package. Designers and creators are using the medium to resist, to spread the word about important issues, as well as to simply have fun with the medium on an artistic level. Naturally, I’m not only enamored with enamel pins; I’m especially enamored with feminist enamel pins. I’ve got a nice collection of them on a canvas banner I picked up a few years ago, and I love adding more pins to it.

This being a book website, it seemed fitting to tie in these twin passions and highlight an array of amazing bookish feminist pins. Find below pins featuring luminaries of literature, excellent feminist lines from fiction and nonfiction, and many more excellent enamel pins for bookish feminists.

Feminist Pins for Book Lovers


Wear a little Maya Angelou on your denim jacket. Still I Rise enamel pin, $9.76.



The heart wants what the heart wants. If your heart wants a whole collection of women poet enamel pins, then this is the collection for you—and it includes the previously-noted Maya Angelou pin. $39 for five pins.



Diverse books matter. Showcase your belief in the power of inclusivity and feminist ideals with this representation matters book enamel pin. $13.



For the Jane Eyre fans, “I am no bird” is a must-have pin for your feminist collection. $9.



Get your comics loving feminist heart racing with this Kate Bishop Hawkeye enamel pin. $10.



Virginia Woolf: feminist icon. $9.



The first of two Handmaid’s Tale enamel pins for feminists (and there are many, y’all!). The iconic image from the story featuring “Not your babe.” $9.11.



The second of two pins inspired by The Handmaid’s tale is the iconic messages “Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum.” $10.



Sport this beautiful image of Malala, activist and author, on your favorite wares. $11.



Do what Princess Leia encourages you to do: resist. $7.75.



One Leia pin wasn’t enough for this feminist pins roundup. Take this one, too, embracing the power of being a self-rescuing princess. $9.



Cover yourself with the words of Shakespeares heroines with this set of gorgeous pins. $46 for all six.



One of the most important speeches of the feminist movement came from Sojourner Truth. Honor it—and honor her legacy—with this pin. $10.31.



This pin is from a line in the witch doesn’t burn in this one by Amanda Lovelace and it’s a gorgeous pin honoring the fire within so many women.



Wonder Woman! $15.



The queen of science fiction deserves space on your feminist pin banner. Grab Mary Shelley‘s likeness for $8.50.



This “I will be unstoppable” pin is from Marie Lu’s The Young Elites and was too great not to include. $10.50.



A little Shieldmaiden for your delight. $13.



If having a line from Maya Angelou’s poetry on a pin isn’t enough, here’s a fantastic enamel pin featuring Maya Angelou herself. $10.



Zora Neale Hurston’s classic in pin form. $11.



Sylvia Plath’s classic line, “I am, I am, I am” within the bell jar. $10.



Ever the perfect question to ask in just about any situation: what WOULD Hermione do? Bonus for this being a lovely stack of books. $9.50.



I’ve been hoping to find the perfect place to insert this enamel pin in a post and I’ve found it. This comic-loving woman doesn’t care what you think. Grab your “no” comic woman for $10.



Last, but certainly not least, everyone deserves a strong female character enamel pin in their feminist and book ephemera collections. $10.

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