8 Feminist Cozy Mysteries You Need To Read Right Away

Dee Das

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With the increase in the number of female mystery writers, we have gotten introduced to a whole new world of refreshing female detectives whose wits and good sense keep us intrigued for hours. These detectives, despite having no professional training, are exceptionally sharp-witted and leave no stone unturned to get to the end of the mystery they are trying to resolve. Sometimes they need to play detectives out of necessity and sometimes they do it because of the thrill of it all. But whatever may be the reason, the way they fight evil, restore peace, and make their world better, deserves appreciation.

These women are not superheroes. They don’t traverse through life smoothly. They falter every now and then, at times even doubt themselves, but their conviction, in the end, keeps them going. They push and shove to make space for themselves in a man’s world. When they lose, they try their best to bounce back. They leave inspiration for their real-life counterparts about how to stand tall in the face of the world and its many atrocities. I’ve curated a list of eight such comforting cozy mystery novels that cover stories of rebellious women who don’t let their circumstances weigh them down.

Cover of The Bangalore Detectives Club

The Bangalore Detectives Club By Harini Nagendra

Kaveri moves to Bangalore to be with her doctor husband, Ramu. Despite being highly intelligent and wanting a life that goes beyond the realm of the domestic, she is expected to groom herself to become nothing but a good wife. This outdated model of femininity doesn’t sit well with Kaveri. Very soon she gets entangled in a murder mystery. With her husband’s help, she sets out on a mission to find the murderer, stand by the side of the marginalized communities, and help the cops hunt down whoever is hampering the lives of the innocents.

Cover of Arsenic And Adobo

Arsenic And Adobo (Tita Rosie’s Kitchen Mystery #1) By Mia P. Manansala

Lila is given the task of saving her Tita Rosie’s restaurant. To top it off, suddenly she finds herself in the company of aunties who are loving but extremely meddlesome. She is already going through a lot, considering her recent breakup. Amidst all this chaos, her ex-boyfriend makes an appearance and is unexpectedly found dead after a confrontation with Lila. When the cops start treating her like the sole suspect, Lila decides to hunt down the real culprit to clear her name.

Magic, Lies, and Deadly Pies book cover

Magic, Lies, And Deadly Pies (Pies Before Guys Mystery #1) by Misha Popp

Daisy bakes deadly pies, pies that have the ingredients necessary to kill men who have wronged women. The first time she killed a man it was an accident, but now she does it professionally. However, trouble seems to be brewing in paradise as suddenly she is getting blackmailed. Someone is threatening to out her secret and Daisy can’t take it lightly anymore. Will she manage to find her archnemesis before they destroy her?

Cover of The Plot Is Murder

The Plot Is Murder (Mystery Bookshop #1) by V.M. Burns

Samantha has had a lifelong dream of having her own mystery bookstore. She also hopes to write her own mystery novel with England as the backdrop. But what she doesn’t know is very soon she will herself become a part of a murder mystery. As she prepares for her store’s grand opening day, a shady realtor is found lying dead in her backyard. Now Samantha is determined to solve the mystery and find the murderer before her store opens, because, after all, she is fierce and capable and has the unwavering support of her spirited grandmother.

Cover of Death By Dumpling

Death By Dumpling (Noodle Shop Mystery #1) by Vivien Chien

A cozy mystery dedicated to a strong woman trying to build her life again after a brutal breakup? Sign me up! Ending up at her family’s restaurant is not something Lana has previously envisioned, but who knows where life will ultimately take you. After a dramatic workplace walkout, waiting tables is her best and only option, even if that means having her mother around who is bent on marrying her off. But soon the restaurant’s property manager dies, and to make things worse, the staff comes under scrutiny. Now it’s on Lana to help resolve this murder mystery.

Cover of Aunty Lee's Delights

Aunty Lee’s Delights (Singaporean Mystery #1) by Ovidia Yu

After her husband dies, Rosie Lee decides to build something of her own. She establishes a culinary empire where spicy Singaporean homemade food is served to both tourists and locals. But then a body is discovered at a popular tourist destination and things start going astray. A wealthy guest also disappears around the same time, much to Rosie’s suspicion. With Police Commissioner Raja, Rosie embarks on a mission to find out what’s been happening behind her back. She, equipped with her networking skills and sharp wit, works better than any professional investigator.

Cover of A Deadly Inside Scoop

A Deadly Inside Scoop (An Ice Cream Parlor Mystery #1) by Abby Collette

After completing her MBA, Bronwyn has taken over her family’s ice cream shop. She has big plans for the store and aspires to restore its former glory. But her dreams go for a toss as she discovers a body. The dead man happens to be a grifter with an old feud with her family. With the support of her best friends and family, she is determined to catch the killer and also make her business flourish.

Cover of Deep Fried Trouble

Deep Fried Trouble (Eugeena Patterson Mysteries #1) by Tyora Moody

After retiring and losing her husband, Eugeena throws herself into her neighborhood association. This gives her a great opportunity to reconnect with friends and neighbors. But things aren’t going to go smoothly as she happens upon her estranged neighbor’s dead body. Eugeena’s daughter, who suddenly goes missing, is considered the prime suspect. Determined to find her missing daughter, Eugeena gets entangled in the world of mischief and mayhem.

I hope these cozy mystery novels give you hope in trying times. To know more about this genre and why you should read it, check out how Mood-Boosting Cozy Mysteries Are Increasingly Diverse.