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Tell Us What Kind of Comics Reader You Are and Get Matched With a Female Superhero

Carina Pereira

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There are so many types of readers out there, and yet often we still try to debate the right and wrong ways of consuming literature. And let’s be honest: every single one of us has a tendency to judge others, if only just a tiny little bit, when it comes to books. Even when we silently admonish ourselves.

I believe one of the reasons we do that is because our reading habits can tell a lot about each of us as a person. The characters we cheer on, the settings we are pulled into, and even how we treat and enjoy our books, are often windows into our soul, into the ways we view the world around us, our motivations and moral compass. These habits and preferences can even disclose more about our personality than what we are willing to reveal straight on.

In this quiz I pose a couple of questions: do you enjoy comics, and are you willing to let me take a peek into your soul? Tell me about your taste in comics and your reading habits and I’ll pair you with an amazing female comic character, both because it’s still Women’s History Month and because we like to celebrate women all the time.

Check the end of this post to learn more about each character and in which issues they appear. But first: on to the quiz!

Ready? Let’s go.

Here are the five female comic characters in the quiz and some of the comics they feature.


Rocket’s first appearance was in Icon #1, alongside the comics title character.

Avid reader, she wanted to become a writer like Toni Morrison, and she is a single mum.

Amongst her super powers are kinetic energy, and superhuman strength.

She also appears in Superman: The Man Of Steel vol 1 #36.


Maya Lopez was born deaf, but she could easily read lips, so her disability was not noticed until later. Her father was a Native of the Cheyenne Nation.

A pianist and a dancer, she possesses a near-omnipotent force.

Her first appearance is in Daredevil vol 2 #9. Read more about Echo and other indigenous superheroes here.


Jubilee is the daughter of Chinese immigrants, and she has always been a gymnast.

After her parents were mistakenly killed, she survived as a street performance (and cunning thief).

Her abilities are hand-to-hand combat, gymnastics, and lockpicking, and her first appearance was in Uncanny X-Man #244.


While working as a vigilante with her brother in NYC, Silhouette was shot and paralyzed from the legs down.

She is a mutant with the power of becoming nearly invisible, and to teleport, and she uses her crutches to attack enemies through portals.

She first appeared in New Warriors #2.


Although technically Catwoman is not exactly a villain, but more an antiheroine, she is a very morally grey character.

She is an orphan who learned to survive in Gotham, a jewel thief, and amongst her powers are disguise, feline empathy, and high martial skills.

Her first appearance was in Batman #1 and she is the most famous of the list, with movie adaptations included.



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