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Featured Book Trailer: ROSIE COLORED GLASSES By Brianna Wolfson

S. Zainab Williams

Executive Director, Content

S. Zainab would like to think she bleeds ink but the very idea makes her feel faint. She writes fantasy and horror, and is currently clutching a manuscript while groping in the dark. Find her on Twitter: @szainabwilliams.

This week’s featured book trailer is Rosie Colored Glasses by Brianna Wolfson.

Rosie Collins makes everything dazzle. Rex Thorpe is serious and unsentimental. Yet when the two meet Rex is swept up in Rosie’s manic tornado of love. But, just as opposites attract, they also cause friction. When things fall apart, their daughter Willow must navigate two different worlds. She is clearly under the spell of her exciting, fun-loving mother. But as Rosie’s behavior becomes more turbulent, the darker underpinnings of her manic love are revealed.

Whimsical, heartbreaking, uplifting, Rosie Colored Glasses is a novel about the many ways love can find you and transform you, even if it can’t save you.