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Fan Fiction Enamel Pins for Readers in Every Fandom

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Sometimes canon just doesn’t get it right. Luckily, there’s fan fiction to save the day. Whether it’s fixing major problems in the plot, putting together characters who have way more chemistry than the leads, giving tortured characters a respite (and giving happy characters some emotional turmoil), fanfic is an essential part of fandom. It allows fans to imagine their own futures for beloved characters and explore possibilities that the show or book won’t. Fan fiction readers and writers range from the casual, every once in a while fandom participant to the most hardcore of fans. For those who want to show off their taste in reading material, these fan fiction enamel pins are a great way to help you find other fanfic aficionados!

Although we obviously love books here at Book Riot, there’s something about fan fiction that scratches an itch that mainstream publishing can’t always reach. For one thing, you can find exactly the tropes and vibes you’re looking for from a story with a simple search. Often while picking up a book, it’s hard to tell if you’re going to end up with an uplifting read or a tearjerker, but fanfic is usually more upfront about those expectations. It’s also nice to dive into a familiar story and cast of characters, whether to right a canon wrong or just spend more time in that world.

These enamel pins aren’t focused on any particular genre, though there are plenty of those available on Etsy, too! Instead, they celebrate fan fiction as whole, both from the reader and writer perspective. Some of these label the wearer as a fan of a particular trope, while others admit a predilection for “Plot? What Plot” stories. Invite others to ask who you ship (if you dare) and wear your fan status on your sleeve (or lapel)!

Fanfic Reader Pins

Fanfic Reader enamel pin

Keep it simple and to the point with this Fanfic Reader enamel pin. $10

Fanfic Lover enamel pin

This Fanfic Lover enamel pin shows your love of slow burn, enemies to lovers, 300K+ word fanfics, and porn with feelings. $12

Fandom Life enamel pin set

If you can’t get enough fanfic, ask for recs with this Send Fic Recs pin, or get one of the others in the Fandom Life pin set! $10 each

Head in fanfics enamel pin

I love this heart eyes chibi character fanfic reader enamel pin! The Head in Fanfics pin shows a book reading “My OTP Fanfic: Fluff, Slow Burn, Angst” $14

Acrylic pin showing a screen reading 200K slowburn

This is an acrylic pin, not enamel, but it’s too appropriate not to include. The screen reads 3:33 AM with an almost empty battery, 273 parts into a 200k slow burn fic. $6

Fandom Grandma enamel pin

For those of us who remember the earlier days of fandom, when fanfic lived on LiveJournal, display your old age proudly with this Fandom Grandma enamel pin. $8

I Cry at Fanfic flapper pin

This flapper-style pin admits your emotional vulnerability as a fanfic reader. We’ve all been there! $12

Fanfics fix it wooden pin

Whether it’s a bad day at work or faults in canon, this wooden pin gives the answer: Fanfics fix it! $6

Enamel Pins About Shipping

I Ship It enamel pin

It wouldn’t be a fanfic enamel pin round up without an “I Ship It” pin! $10

Who Do You Ship? enamel boat pin

Start some interesting conversations with this “Who Do You Ship?” enamel pin. $7

OTP playlist enamel pin

If you’re always falling for a new OTP, set the tone with this OTP playlist pin. $14

Femslash enamel pin

F/F ships never get enough attention. Show your allegiance with this femslash pin. $5

Rare pair hell acrylic pin

If you ship a pairing that no one else does, leaving you with a severe lack of fanfic, you’ll appreciate this Rare Pair Hell acrylic pin. $6

Fanfic Tropes Pins

Only One Bed enamel pin

If your trope of choice is Only One Bed, wear it proudly with this pin! $14

Enemies to Lovers enamel pin

If you prefer your fanfic with some sparring, you’ll want this Enemies to Lovers enamel pin. $13

Enemies to Lovers book enamel pin

This trope is popular enough to have a few options, so here’s another Enemies to Lovers pin! $11

They Were Roommates enamel pin

This They Were Roommates enamel pin is almost too cute. $14

Mistaken Identity enamel pin

If Mistaken Identity isn’t your thing, this shop also has matching pins of other tropes, like Battle Couple or Forbidden Love. $8

Found Family Folk enamel pin

This Etsy shop has a ton of tropes to choose from, so if you’re not Found Family Folk and you’re more of a Fluff Fanatic or a Mutual Pining Professional, browse through the whole collection! $12

Smutty Fanfic Enamel Pins

Smutty Fanfiction Folder enamel pin

No shame. Display your Smutty Fanfiction Folder proudly. $13

Book of Smut enamel pin

If you like your fanfics on the sexier side, get this Book of Smut enamel pin. It’s also a available as a sticker! $12

PWP enamel pin

If you don’t read fanfic for the plot, you might want this PWP and eggplant emoji pin. $12

Lemon fanfics enamel pin

Remember when sexy fanfics were called lemons? This throwback pin reads “When life gives you lemons, read them.” $15

Fanfic Writer Pins

Fanfic Writer enamel pin

Show off your wordsmith status with this Fanfic Writer enamel pin. $10

No Beta We Die Like Men acrylic pin

Beta readers are a great resource to check for plot holes and other weirdness before letting the public read your fic. But sometimes you want to throw caution to the wind, and that’s when this No Beta We Die Like Men acrylic pin comes in. $6

This Author Regrets Nothing acrylic pin

Let everyone know you stand by your choices with a This Author Regrets Nothing acrylic pin (alternately, there’s a This Author Regrets Everything pin). $6

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