Fall into Fall Readathon Day One: Wrap Up Your Summer Reading

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It’s readathon time, y’all! Fall is the busiest season for publishing, and certainly a time when many readers change gears from summer reading (outside! so many thrillers!) to cozy fall reading (inside! where’s my blanket! time to read Dickens I guess!), and we’ve designed this readathon to help you do just that.

The Fall into Fall Readathon runs from today, September 24th, ’til Friday the 28th. It isn’t about reading as much as you can every day for a week (though you’re welcome, nay, encouraged to do that if that’s your jam). It’s about adjusting your speed, refocusing your reading intentions, making some good old-fashioned lists, and reading what you want, when you want.

Every day we’ll have one bookish task (and optional bonus tasks) designed to help you fall into fall reading, along with a giveaway, and a few posts to help you with the task. And for Day One, our task is to wrap up your summer reading: pick one book that’s left on your summer to-be-read list and start it today. DNF (do-not-finish) the rest. 

You had the best of intentions to finish those five books in that pile over there before summer ended, but it ain’t happening. Pick the one you’re most excited about, and return the rest to your shelves/the library/the bowels of your Kindle. Bonus task: weed your TBR piles—yes, all those piles of unread books, whether they’re on shelves, on an ereader, listed on Goodreads, or wherever.

Not a DNFer? Never weeded your TBR pile, like…ever? We’re here to help you clear both mental and physical space for fall!

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…and don’t forget to enter today’s giveaway for five of the fall’s most exciting new releases.

That’s it for Day One! Jot down the task in your Bullet Journal/OmniFocus/Todoist/task management system of choice, and get on it. There’s no sign up sheet, and no one here is checking up on you (as you are a grown adult person). And remember: pick just one. Come back tomorrow for your next task, tips, and giveaway!