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Live Your Home Library Dream With These Ex Libris Stamps

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Are you always lending out books? Need a way to keep tabs on your titles and the ones you've borrowed from others? You'll want to invest in one or more of these awesome ex libris stamps.

Ex libris stamps emerged from book plates, an altogether fascinating aspect of the book world in and of itself. As rubber stamps took off in the scrapbooking world and beyond, they become more and more customizable, so it's little surprise that finding book plate style stamps has gotten much easier — and a lot of fun.

The ex libris stamps here range from those you can personalize to those which are a little more set in design. Some will remind you of old due date stampers from pre-digital libraries, and others will go even further into the reaches of memory, looking like medieval book plates. Whatever your tastes or interests, there is a great ex libis stamp out there for you.

There's no question that these stampers will only help you build your dream library.

The Perfect Ex Libris Stamps

Cat book plate ex libris stamp

Personalize this fun, witchy/spirit-y book plate stamp with your name. You can pick from a few varieties of ink and stamp, as well. $17 and up.

Image of snake stamp.

Speaking of witchy/spirit-y stamps, this snake book stamp is slithery goodness. "Read me, Love me, Return Me" stamp comes in a few color and stamp options and can be personalized. $16 and up.

From the library of ex libris stamp.

A vey classic, text-focused personalized ex libris stamp may be all you need, and this one is a solid choice. $30 and up, with lots of customization options.

Custom moon phase ex libris stamp

Customize this gorgeous moon phase stamp. $33 and up.

Image of ex libris stamp with oak tree

Remind your book where it came from with this personalized old oak tree stamper. $26 and up.

Leafy, wreath-like ex libris stamp

Such a simple and elegant "from the library of" customizable stamp. $18 and up.

Image of ex libris bee stamp

I'm not a book stamp user personally (I love looking at them!), but if I were, I'd snap up this personalized from the library of bee stamper. $17 and up, with tons of options.

scorpion ex libris stamp

The only kind of scorpion I'd invite inside my books. Customizable scorpion ex libris stamp, $17 and up.

Dragon ex libris stamp.

For the book dragons out there, snap up this dragon book plate stamp. You can get it personalized from $23.

From the library of text-based stamp.

Remind everyone who picks up one of your books that it belongs to you: not only is your name large and in charge here, but the directions beneath is spell out the need to read and return. $25 and up.

Image of Ginko leaf ex libris stamp.

This gorgeous customizable ex libris stamp features a beautiful ginkgo leaf. $43.

This art nouveau style custom from the library of stamp would look so good in all of your '20s books, be them 1820, 1920, or 2020. $38 and up.

t-rex ex libris stamp

Your books won't go the way of the dino with these T-rex ex libris stamps.

custom bird ex libris stamp

Last but not least, how cute is this birdie stamp? You can get your name — or whatever other customization you'd prefer — in the little speech bubble. $27 and up.

If you'd like even more options, you'll want to work your way through this collection of great book plates as well.