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Every Day They’re Shufflin’: A Reading List for the Zombie Apocalypse

Rebecca Joines Schinsky

Chief of Staff

Rebecca Joines Schinsky is the executive director of product and ecommerce at Riot New Media Group. She co-hosts All the Books! and the Book Riot Podcast. Follow her on Twitter: @rebeccaschinsky.

strangers in the landThis round of the Riot Recommendation is sponsored by Strangers in the Land (The Zombie Bible) by Stant Litore.

The aging prophet Devora bolts awake in terror, gasping for air. In her dream she heard her mother’s shrieks as the ravenous dead pulled her from the tent. Devora had been only a girl then, crying as she listened to her mother’s screams and the tearing of her flesh.

And in the morning, when her mother rose—undead and hungering—Devora slew her.

This third volume of The Zombie Bible takes you to 1160 BC Israel as the walking corpses devour the tents and homesteads of the People. Four will stand against the dead: Devora, who sees what God sees. The slave girl Hurriya. Zadok, a legend among warriors. And the widower Barak, fighting to keep his vineyard free of this new peril. But can they stand together? For the living fear each other—fear the strangers in the land— as much as they fear the hungry dead.


Last week, we asked for your favorite books about zombies and zombie apocalypse survival. Here’s a collection of reader recommendations left in the comments and on Facebook and Twitter. This should keep your juicy brains busy for a while!

World War Z by Max Brooks

Zone One by Colson Whitehead

The Reapers Are the Angels by Alden Bell

The Gathering Dead by Stephen King

Kevin Richey’s Zombie Fairy Tales series

Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament by S.G. Brown

Zombies vs. Unicorns edited by Holly Black and Justine Larbaleister

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

Monster Island by David Wellington

Monster Nation by David Wellington

Monster Planet by David Wellington

Feed by Mira Grant

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry

I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne

The Walking Dead graphic novels by Robert Kirkman

Plague of the Dead by Z.A. Recht

The Rising by Brian Keene

City of the Dead by Brian Keene

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith

28 Days Later by Alex Garland

What would you add?