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Always books. Never boring.



Always books. Never boring.

This is a guest post from Kevin Nguyen. He is a founding editor at The Bygone Bureau and an editor at Amazon Books. Follow him on Twitter @knguyen.


Dear BookRoid,

I would like to tell you about Jim Patterson-Sparks’s self-published ebook masterpiece, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE, a thrilling thriller about a man who discovers a government conspiracy that may go *all the way to the top*. Fans of *Gone Girl*, *The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo*, *Freedom*, *Harry Potter*, and the bible will find so much to love in this gripping mystery. Simply put, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE is simply unputdownable!

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE features a compelling new hero, CIA agent Trent Jackson, who must stop a terrorist plot from destroying the entire planet. Using a time machine he built at wizard school, Jackson must go back to the 1930s to stop Zombie Hitler from killing President Lincoln. Along the way, Jackson meets the tough but sexy KGB operative Lucinda Williams, who is not just his intellectual equal but also has a great rack. Together, they team up to plan a heist to steal all of Zombie Hitler’s gold because now he has a bank full of gold.

Will they make a clean escape with the gold? Can Jackson stop Lincoln’s assassination in time? Who is taking care of Jackson’s autistic son (also he has an autistic son)? You’ll have to read all 46 pages of TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE to find out.

Full of action and many lines of dialogue, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE has everything—suspense, romance, drama, anal—and is delighting readers of all ages around the world. Currently, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE is a number one best seller on Amazon (in the “Pet Manuals” category) and has garnered multiple five-star reviews on Goodreads from users who say they will read it at some point. Additionally, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE has a starred review in Kirkus. Not the publication, but from our friend Jerry Kirkus, who is definitely real and not at all made up.

If you are interested in reviewing TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE for your internet blog or writing multiple blogs about this book, we would be more than happy to send you an advanced reading copy. We also encourage Facebook posts and Twitter tweets and blog blogs.

Jim Patterson-Sparks is a master of suspense. He is the author of over forty thrillers and has been writing since Tuesday. Patterson-Sparks has over a hundred Twitter friends and has been endorsed by six different people on LinkedIn for his “writing” ability.

Patterson-Sparks is also available for any interview opportunities to talk about TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE, his writing process, or his lovely wife, Mitzy, who is definitely real and not at all a cat wrapped in four dozen plastic bags sewn together to look like a fancy dress. Patterson-Sparks is also available to hang out or do like whatever you guys are up to.

Please call.

Jim Patterson-Sparks