Even More Bookish ASMR Videos to Relax Your Literature-Loving Soul

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Emily Martin

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There are only two things that bring me calm in this hectic, anxiety-ridden world. And that’s books and ASMR videos. Some people might not get it. But clearly I’m not alone, because bookish ASMR videos continue to be a hit across YouTube, with new videos coming out every day.

It’s 2023, and you’re online, so you’ve probably heard about ASMR by now. But if you’ve somehow missed the boat on this phenomenon, I wrote a little post back in 2020 explaining ASMR and book-related ASMR content. In short, ASMR (or autonomous sensory meridian response) is that relaxing, brain-tingly feeling you get when you hear certain calming sounds, hear whispered or soft-spoken voices, or get personal attention.

Sure, sometimes that ASMR feeling can happen naturally when you’re just out in the world living your life. But then you really have no control over when it happens. ASMR videos try to create that feeling so that you can have it whenever you want. Not all ASMR videos are book-related, but lots of book-related sounds are perfect for ASMR videos. For instance, the gentle turning of pages or tapping on the cover of a book. Or the quiet sounds of someone reading to you. Or the warm ambience of a library or a bookstore.

If all of this sounds appealing to you, here are some of the more recent bookish ASMR videos to tickle your brain and help you get relaxed.

Even More Bookish ASMR Videos

Bookstore and library roleplays are probably my favorite kind of bookish ASMR videos because they pull together a lot of my favorite kind of ASMR content. In these roleplays, you get personal attention, you get a person sharing books and tapping on them, and yeah, you also get some stellar book recommendations in the process.

There’s been a trend with a lot of roleplays to have the store clerk be really rude for the LOLs. But what I love about Matty Tingles‘ bookstore roleplay is that it says right there in the title that it’s the NICEST bookstore. I’m also a big fan of the soft spoken videos vs. whispering because I just feel like soft spoken feels more natural. But I know there are fans of both, so don’t worry whisper-lovers. I got you.

Here’s a whispered bookstore roleplay from asmr faye. This bookish ASMR video includes lots of mouth sounds, tapping on books, tapping on a computer, and tapping on a teacup. Even though I still prefer soft-spoken videos overall, I find her whispers so relaxing.

Who hasn’t gotten ASMR tingles while reading or studying in a library? Triniti J ASMR‘s library roleplay is so relaxing and also funny. And of course, it’s got lots of ASMR triggers. The nails tapping on the notebook is a really great sound. And this one’s got lots of whispering.

If you love nails tapping on books but would prefer it without the roleplay, try this ASMR book haul from ScottishWhispers. Because you know what’s better than a whispered ASMR video? A whispered ASMR video with a Scottish accent.

Looking for some great book recommendations that will also give you tingles? Try Sincerely ASMR‘s video sharing her favorite books. Here’s another ASMRtist with some really fabulous nails that make for some good book tapping. Additionally, this video has lots of page-turning, tracing, and whispered book summaries/reviews.

MauveASMR is one of my favorite ASMRtists, and this is another soft-spoken video for those of use who prefer a soft-spoken voice to a whisper. One of the things I love about MauveASMR’s videos is that it really feels like she’s talking to you as a friend, and she also just so happens to have excellent taste in books! Another great video if you’re looking to grab some book recs.

Maybe you just want to hear someone read to you? How about having someone read Jane Austen to you in a whisper while also putting on a fake British accent? Sound like too much? Somehow Mia ASMR makes it work. This video is very, very relaxing. And if you love Pride and Prejudice and ASMR, this is the best of both worlds.

ASMRtist Wildest Dreams is probably better known for her BookTube channel gabbyreads. But her ASMR channel is pretty great too. This one is one of my favorites because it’s another bookstore roleplay, and it’s soft spoken. It’s also got lots of tapping on a computer and fast tapping on books.

There are so many great ASMR channels out there creating bookish content every day. If you’re looking for more, check out these bookish ASMR recommendations from Ashlie Swicker.