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Emma Need This Merch Right Now (And So Will You)

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Carina Pereira

Staff Writer

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Emma is arguably one of Jane Austen’s most beloved works of literature. It has been adapted into several movies, and Book Riot (cough cough *me*) has even put together a list of books that are either very faithful adaptations of the book, or simply great stories that take inspiration from it.

I am of the opinion that it is great to showcase our love for the things that bring us joy. And not only is buying merch that showcases our favorite things a good way to support an author, or a small business, it can also be a great way to signal to other fans that here we are, loving this thing, and we are willing to talk about it. It serves as a sort of invitation that can lead us to find common ground with other people. And Book Riot is here to help with that, as always.

Below are several pieces of merchandise, all inspired by Emma. We hope you find something that suits your taste.

image of two cards with Emma quotes placed on a book and some wood

We start with postcards. Not only because they can make great prints, but also because they are great gifts. These are just a few cents over $2 each.

Photo of a hand holding a colouful potcard with a Emma quote

The quote and the colours of this one make it a great card to send friends as a party invitation. $8.

Photo of five pencils lined up showcasing Emma quotes, with what looks like a pencil case next to it, alongside some flowers

If, like me, you are a fan of stationery — and, let’s admit it, we can always use some extra pencils — these are perfect. The quotes will, of course, disappear as you use them, but that’s the thing about life: not everything lasts. The important thing is to have fun while you’re at it. These start at $20.

A photo of a wall print containing a quote from Emma and some flowers next to a vase with flowers

If your style is more directed to house decor, there are a few options — and super cute ones at that — available. Here is the first one, a wall print. Costs $7.

photo of a framed wall print with a quote from Emma

This is probably one of my favourite quotes from Emma. So simple, and yet so pungent. This one is available starting at $13.

photo of a wall print with a vintage cover of Emma and a quote

If you are more one to collect prints of a cover image, you’re in luck because the one above is absolutely gorgeous. It also contains another one of my favourite quotes, which is truly a vibe I aim to live by. Starts at $17.

Picture of a pillow case showing the penguin clothbound spines of several of Jane Austen's books

If staying at home appreciating your wall prints is your thing, I got more good news: this absolutely gorgeous pillow case isn’t exclusively Emma, but it includes Emma! And who doesn’t want to somewhat literally sleep on a book? Starts at $25.

Photo of a pillow case with the silhouette of a woman with a quote from Emma printed on top

Okay, but you truly want a pillow case exclusively inspired by Emma. Gotchya! This one costs $38.

photo of a pink mug with a drawing from Emma in front of an open page with the book with the same illustration

And what better thing to go with some relaxation on your new pillow than a mug for your beverage of choice? The front of the mug has this illustration, the back a quote from the book. It is pink and pretty, and it costs $38.

photo of a red totebag with an imprint of an Emma book cover

Needing a bit of a stroll for your mental health outside? This tote bag will carry all you need, including a copy of Emma. Costs $37.

photo of a clutch made of fabric with a cover of Emma

Going to a party, and looking for something more classy? I have not one, but two options of clutches for you! This is the first! You can purchase it for $100.

photo of a black clutch with the cover of the book Emma

Our second option — and my favourite — is this one, with a more discreet, but still gorgeous cover. I absolutely love the flowers! I wish I could tell you that it has a more convenient price, but it costs the same whopping $100. A pretty luxury!

photo of a jewellery box adorned with a hand painting depicting Emma, the name and Jane Austen, as well as some other characters in the corner

For those who also like to embellish themselves with some jewelry and are looking for an Emma-themed jewelry box, search no further! This one is super handy — and super cute! The side of the box looks like a book spine, which is lovely! Costs $22.

photo of a pin inspired by Emma placed against the spine of a worn out book

Then, of course, when you are at the party, you will want to showcase your Emma love even further with this pin! Costs $18.

photo of a copy of Emma with a beautiful cover filled with flowers and a quote at the bottom\

Now come the gifts! Not only do you want to buy something for yourself, but you want something Emma-like to gift another. Here are a couple of options, and we start with this: a personalised copy of Emma! Costs $37, but it really is priceless.

photo of an Emma inspired gift set with a mug, a candle, some tea bags, and pencils

Our second recommendation is this gift set with everything an Emma lover could ask for: pencils with quotes, a mug, a soy candle, and even some tea bags! You can have all this for $59.

photo of a vintage copy of Emma, with blue cover and gold lettering

Last, but not least, why not spoil yourself with a vintage edition of Emma? To get lost in the story once again and smell those old pages (ah! that smell!), or simply to have it secured and pretty on your bookshelf. This one costs $19.

You are finally all set to Emmafy yourself!