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14 Affordable Items to Elevate Your BuJo Book Tracker

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Isabelle Popp

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I’m resolving to elevate my bujo book tracker game this year. The bullet journal I currently use to organize my life is bare bones, held together by my messy handwriting and a couple of paper clips. And when it comes to reading, I remember the feeling a book gives me much better than any actual details of the plot — or heaven help me, character names. So I can really use bullet journaling to help me remember more about what I read.

Bujo book trackers are also great tools for self-knowledge. If you track your reading habits along with other facets of your life, like moods or sleep, you may be able to see patterns. For me, I can see the cycles of feeling good and reading more. I know isn’t exactly a revolutionary observation. Still, making an effort to read instead of doomscroll can push things into a positive feedback loop. And doing something silly like putting a little sticker in a journal every day that I read is exactly the reward I can use to trick myself into good habits.

Bullet journaling can be very intimidating. When you come across journalers on TikTok or Instagram who are skilled hand-letterers with an army of color coordinating items at their disposal, you may not know where to start. But you don’t have to be like them! I’ve listed some great items that can enhance the aesthetics of your reading journal. Others are simply great workhorses for tracking reading. Plus, I found you lots of great deals. The most expensive items are the stencils, which you can use year after year. So join me on a journey to level up your bujo book tracker.

Stickers for Your Bujo Book Tracker

stickers naming literary genres with thematic illustrations

These iconic stickers might help keep track of which genres you tend to read the most. They would also be incredibly fun on the spines of the books in your personal library. $2.50

mini stickers of open books

If you embrace minimalism in your bujo book tracker but also love stickers, these bare bones little book stickers are ideal. Use them to mark every day you’ve read a book, or in front of each title in a list. $1

Stickers with a book review template

Make formatting bujo pages easy with these review stickers encouraging you to record your thoughts and favorite quote from each book you read. $5

stickers noting star ratings from 1/2 star to 5 stars

My favorite thing about these star rating stickers is that they come in half-star increments! That’s the granularity I require. $3

sticker sheet of books arranged with hot drinks, glasses, and book ribbons

Sometimes you just need some stickers for the aesthetics. This cozy sticker sheet has a lovely autumnal color palette. $3

Inserts for Your Bujo Book Tracker

book journal insert with each page dedicated to recording details of a book

Paper Penguin is my go-to for journal inserts because there are so many options for journal size. Other products even let you choose the paper type, for my fellow fountain pen lovers in search of Tomoe River paper with a dot grid. $6 and up

single page monthly book tracker styled as piled of books on a shelf

For your year in reading at a glance, tuck this single page monthly book tracker into your bullet journal. $5

Stencils for Your Bujo Book Tracker

stencil sheet of open books

Bookish stencils are an excellent way to add visual interest to your bujo book tracker. You can stencil in an empty book and color it in to depict percent read, for example. $10

stencil depicting books on a shelf

I love book trackers that use a depiction of a shelf full of books. Trace this bookshelf stencil into your journal and fill in each title on the spine as you read throughout the year. $7

Washi Tape for Your Bujo Book Tracker

washi tape styled to look like library cards

Washi tape is an easy way to jazz up a book tracker. These library card washi tapes have great vintage vibes. $4

washi tape with cats, books, and plants

If you’re someone who likes books, plants, and cats, this cute washi tape has your number. $4

washi tape with cartoon animals reading

If washi tape festooned with little creatures nestled with books and pillows don’t inspire you to settle in for a good reading session, I don’t know what will. $5

Paper Clips for Your Bujo Book Tracker

paper clips with girls reading embroidered onto felt

I like to mark important and often-used places in my bullet journal with paper clips. One of these reading girls would be perfect for marking a key page of your reading tracker. $4

paper clip with a kawaii smiley faced book saying "book lover"

A little kawaii book clip would be another adorable way to easily access a reading tracker page in your bullet journal. $5

If you need to find a bullet journal to turn into your bujo book tracker, check out our recommendations. If you want more stuff to help your overall journaling practice, there are some really fun supplies we suggest. Here’s to a well-recorded reading journey this new year!