Eight Literary Worlds Recreated in Minecraft

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Ah, Minecraft. How I love thee. I’m not a big player (I have it on my iPhone and iPad, and take the time to build and explore when I’m on the train / bus), but I’m definitely an appreciator.

The amount of time it takes to build something truly epic is staggering (seriously this Game of Thrones map took a year to build), but the results are just so beautiful.

A while back we rounded up some of the most impressive libraries ever built in Minecraft. Today, we’re checking out literary worlds, created digital brick by digital brick.

LORD OF THE RINGS: Tolkien’s legendary fantasy world has been built again and again in Minecraft.  I’ve gone ahead and posted my top five.

Minas Tirith Minecraft

Minas Tirith (via Reddit)

helms deep minecraft

Helms Deep (via InfiniGeek)

rivendell minecraft

Rivendell (via InfiniGeek)

minecraft lonely mountain

The Lonely Mountain (via Planet Minecraft)

isendgard minecraft

Isengard (via Minecraft Gallery)

HARRY POTTER: From the dark depths of Azkaban to the playful, colorful Quidditch courts, there’s plenty of brick-by-brick levels to explore when it comes to Minecraft Harry Potter creations.

hogswart castle minecraft

Hogwarts (via IGN)

azkaban minecraft

Azkaban (via Planet Minecraft)

hogsmeade minecraft

Hogsmeade(via IGN)


Quidditch (via YouTube)

THE HUNGER GAMES: There are a lot of Hunger Games inspired maps that allow players to battle one another. Here are a few that actually draw from the book / films.

catching fire minecraft

Catching Fire Battlefield (via MCPEDL)

hunger games capitol minecraft

The Capitol (via Planet Minecraft)

minecraft cornoppia

The Cornucopia (via Planet Minecraft)

THE CHRONICLES OF NARIA: It’s no surprise that Minecrafters have recreated this fantasy series. From the simple, like the famous lamp post, to the huge and complex, like the White Witch’s Castle.

narnia lamppost

The Lamp Post (via Minecraft Forums)

witches castle naria minecraft

The White Witch’s Castle (via Minecraft Forums)

the stone table

The Stone Table (via Minecraft Forums)

DIVERGENT: A couple of Divergent inspired Minecraft creations! Wish I could have found the train. I bet that would be an awesome map.

dauntless pit

The Dauntless Pit (via Minecraft Forums)

abenation minecraft

The Abnegation Homes (via Minecraft Forums)

THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY: I couldn’t find much surrounding this favorite title of mine… but what I did find, a full constructed Heart of Gold spaceship, was definitely worth mentioning.

heart of gold 2

Heart of Gold (via Planet Minecraft)

heart of gold

Heart of Gold (via Planet Minecraft)

DRACULA: There are a handful of maps featuring Dracula’s castle floating around, but this one is clearly the best. That. Detail.

dracula castle minecraft

draculas castle 3

dracula's craft minecraft 2

Dracula’s Castle (via Planet Minecraft)

GAME OF THRONES: Last but certainly not least, some of the most detailed of the bunch. Game of Thrones, recreated in painstaking detail.

winterfall minecraft

Winterfell (via PC Gamer)

the wall minecraft

The Wall (via PC Gamer)

casterly rock minecraft

Casterly Rock (via PC Gamer)

While these photos are great, you should really watch the video that showcases the entire map.




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