It’s Edgar Allan Poe’s Party and He Will Swag if He Wants To: 10 Pieces of Poe Swag

Or he’d just brood at his desk and write some other piece of dismal, brilliant fiction. It’s Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday today, and even if he wouldn’t be in the celebrating mood, we are. Poe is so deeply ingrained in the collective American psyche that he shows up without you even knowing he’s shown up (do you know how long it took me to realize that Sarah Jarosz’s song “Annabelle Lee” was his poem? Let’s not talk about it).

All you Poe lovers out there deserve some swag to honor our favorite American Gothic writer. Because Poe’s work isn’t just literature—it’s a mood, a vibe, a feeling, and it’s great for some glorious puns.

Decorate your place or yourself with a subtle (or not-so-subtle) nod to the late and great Edgar Allan Poe with these ten Poe swag pieces. Only swag, and nothing more.


Poe yourself a cup of joe in this coffee mug.

Edgar Allan Poe Coffee Mug

Set your coffee mug down on an Andy Warhol–esque coaster from this set.


Edgar Allan Poe colorful coaster set

Hang up this artsy, grim, and beautiful Poe print set.

Edgar Allan Poe print set over dictionary paper

Cozy up in this Edgar Allan Poe sweatshirt, because dang it is cold outside.

Edgar Allan Poe Black Sweatshirt

Speaking of cold, wrap up with this scarf inscribed with “The Raven.”




Edgar Allan Poe The Raven Scarf

Plan ahead and snag these Edgar Allan Poe ornaments for your tree next year. Poe ho ho. 

Edgar Allan Poe Christmas Ornaments

Contain your Edgar Allan Poe book collection within these Poe bookends.

Edgar Allan Poe Bookends

Wear your love for “The Raven” around your neck with this necktie.

Edgar Allan Poe The Raven Necktie

Or keep it subtle with this gorgeous ring, hiding a page of a Poe anthology inside.

Edgar Allan Poe Ring

Carry all of your new Poe swag in this sweet tote.

Edgar Allan Poe Tote Bag

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