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10 Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Book Lover You Love

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Australia is burning, the ice caps are melting, and the reefs are dying. You’re being told that it’s your fault for using a plastic straw, when in reality the amount of pollution corporations set out is far greater than any individual could ever do. It’s easy to feel helpless in this climate, but there are still little things you can do that build up over time. Buying gifts can be especially hard, with the anxiety of adding a little more waste from consumerism eats at the back of your mind as you wrap the present, and we all hate being the “regifter.” Handmade gifts are always nice, but not everyone has the time (or talent) for that. If you want to avoid that entire scenario, this is a good place to start. Here’s ten eco-friendly gifts for that book lover in your life, all from Etsy, who offset the carbon emissions created from shipping.

10 Eco-Friendly Gifts for A Book Lover You Know

Newspaper Earrings

These earrings are entirely upcycled, made out of old newspapers and cardboard, and are waterproof as well, to a certain point. Plus, despite being made out of old cardboard and newspapers, they have a versatile look, nice enough that they can be worn to work, or dressed down for going out with friends. Either way, they’ll make all the fellow book lovers jealous. You can even order specific colors and a matching necklace as well!

Dictionary Bracelet

This wordy bracelet is made from old dictionaries! We all know reference books like dictionaries and encyclopedias have a shelf life on them and often become obsolete and end up tossed. This maker has found a new use for them and re-upped old dictionaries’ lease on life! Each bead is a hand-rolled piece of a vintage English dictionary. Unlike the last gift, this bracelet is not waterproof, but it is one size fit all with a galvanized steel wire that will hold the shape you bend it to!

Nature Themed Notebook

We all know someone that collects notebooks, swearing one day they’ll use them. Sometimes you are that person. Either way, this notebook here is an excellent addition to that collection. Made out of old magazines and newspapers, each notebook is unique and entirely handmade, with 80 pages ready for that writer you know to start penning their ideas in it.

Tiny Book Necklace

This little necklace is perfect for the librarian or teacher you know. Made from a royal purple leather and recycled paper in the UK on a 16-inch chain, it’s a perfect way for the book enthusiast you know to wave their book loving flag high while still looking stylish and fun. You don’t have to worry about wrapping it yourself either, as it comes prepackaged in a biodegradable gift box, ready to be gifted!

Comic Box

Every comic collector knows you need a safe and secure place to hold those precious first run issues, and this 100% certified sustainable plywood box is perfect for that task. It can hold between 100–150 single issue comics in it, depending on if you keep them in the plastic sleeves with backing. It even has a Plexiglas frame on one end to show your favorite comic, or for convenient labeling so you know what’s in the box! You can even get a laser etched inscription on the inside of the cover for that special someone!

Tote Bag

If you’ve ever gone to the library or bookstore with a book lover, you know you’re gonna need at least one bag to carry all their finds. This tote is perfect for that. Made from organic cotton, you can reduce your plastic use and be witty while you’re at it, with the claim that you’re much too busy for anything else that’s been planned. You have books to read. Duh.

Paper Beads

Is your book lover also a crafter? If so, these rolled paper beads are perfect for their next project! From jewelry to bookmarks, these hand-rolled paper beads will added a certain bookish touch to their next project and possibly make their next gift giving a little easier as well!

Bookish Gift Set

Ah yes, the ever faithful, easy to fall back on gift set. Except this one is book themed with literature themed quotes and ex libris book plates! Plus it’s all made from recycled paper and comes with a handy little tin container. This gift set has a cute little reading journal, a lined notebook, a fountain pen, four bookplate labels, and four bookmarks. It’s got it all. And every thing has a literature themed quote on it, and is about 6.6 inches long, making it perfect to stash away in a little bag or purse.

Scented Candle

Listen. Barring those of us with allergies, book readers love scented candles. This candle, called Reading Nook, has that spicy cinnamon and chai scent with sweet undertones of vanilla that makes you think “cozy.” Any book lover would love to have their own little reading nook with a comfy chair and cozy blankets, maybe complete with a purring cat on their lap and rain gently pattering against the window, but that’s not always feasible. This hand poured soy wax candle in a recycled glass jar isn’t the same thing, but the smell will comfort them and make them think, wistfully, “one day. One day it’ll be real.”

Gift Card

Every good gift needs a card. This 100% recycled paper card is a perfect match for any bookish gift you give. With a blank inside and a sweet quote from Jane Austen about reading, it’s sure to make your book lover smile when opening the brown paper envelope that comes with it.

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