Critical Linking

Eat, Pray, Love, and Leave Elizabeth Gilbert Alone: Critical Linking, January 12, 2020

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“But I loved Eat, Pray, Love. I loved the prose, fluid and funny and lyric without being self-important; I loved the narrator, and I felt her journey even though her life and travel were nothing like mine. I then immediately felt guilty for loving it, before emerging in defiance. Why shouldn’t I love it? Was Paul Theroux’s grumpy mansplaining about Africa really so much better? Why was there such a divide between the two, such gravitas assigned to one and derision to the other?”

Eat, pray, love, and cash them checks, Liz. Hater gonna hate. 

“The students of Ms. Winters’ class worked hard on their book during the second quarter weeks. The idea for the poetry book started when students expressed interest in reading poetry and crafting their own poems. The poetry unit quickly turned into a project-based learning activity where students were in charge of teaching peers about the various types of poems that exist.”

Look at all those teeny tiny published authors!

“The cards become like 54 sets of nesting dolls, and endless permutations of prompts emerge. Pick a card, any card. Each is evocative, calling forth an unquiet free association. Even if I draw the same card twice, the scene or story that starts to emerge will be different. When I draw a card, a memory wakes up, unbidden and irrepressible. It moves my pen across a page or my fingers to a keyboard, and I go to a writing space where the quieter spectral figures of the past arrive.”

I played this game hundreds of times as a kid! Getting all the feels from seeing it in this new and beautiful light.