25 Easy And Adorable Crochet Bookmark Patterns

Anna Gooding-Call

Staff Writer

Anna Gooding-Call is a librarian and writer originally from rural central New York. She got her BA in the city that inspired "The Twilight Zone" and confirms that the hitchhikers really are weird there. Today, she lives in Massachusetts with her wife and two cats.

Few things in life are as easy and satisfying as a soft, yarny, custom-made bookmark. Obviously, you can find a lot of good crochet bookmark patterns in crafting books, but do not neglect the stunning cornucopia of yarnspiration that is the internet. Crafters across the world love bookmarks as both an easy introduction to crochet and an impressive stocking stuffer.

Should you need even more ideas after weaving in the ends of each of these patterns, do check out our previous list of 19 amazing crochet bookmark ideas. Let your imagination—and your fingers—roam free!

25 Easy and Adorable Crochet Bookmark Patterns

1. Rat Bookmark

Lo, these many long years have you been searching for the ideal gift for the roadkill enthusiast/avid reader in your life. I am proud to bring your journey to a conclusion with the flat rat from Supergurumi. You can also crochet a flat rabbit and a flat frog for $3.50 apiece from the same designer.

2. Nerdy Bookworm

Crochet pattern for the nerdy bookworm bookmark from Heart, Hook, HomeI’m sorry, were you not sick of flat animals? Me neither! This guy doesn’t look quite so traumatized as our previously mentioned rodent friend, so we can infer that he is, in fact, a happy and healthy flatworm.

3. Peacock Feather Bookmark

Crochet peacock feather anna luciadu

You’ll pay $5 for this adorbs pattern, which is ostensibly a peacock feather. However, speaking as a veteran of the hook and yarn, I believe that some creative experimentation could turn this into an equally appropriate favor for a bookish bachelorette party.

4. Horse Bookmark

crochet horse bookmark by Little Owls Hut

This charming equine, whose pattern is available for $2.50, might be a good companion for Flat Stanley. His yarny tail and happy smile indicate that he’s not at all displeased to find himself in a good book. Little Owl’s Hut has some of the best crochet bookmark patterns I’ve ever found, including musical notes and a dashing fox.

5. Eyes On The Page

crochet eyes bookmark from curio crafts room

OK, this $3.88 pattern from The Curio Crafts Room could become part of a wide range of projects. But really. Why not make a creepy eyeball bookmark for yourself?

6. Lacy Flowers

Flower Bookmark from Lacy Crochet

Here’s a free pattern for a string of whimsical flowers. It’s kind of Easter-y and Mother’s Day-y and I may make this for my mom to prove that there is good in me yet.

7. The I LOVE BOOKS Bookmark

crochet I Love Books bookmark from edyth blayn

Yes you do! Time to come out of that book closet with this statement bookmark.

8. Squashed Mermaid

Crochet Squashed Mermaid Bookmark from Lau Loves Crochet

Just when you thought I was going to return to squashed animals, I spring upon you this squashed mythological creature! Unlike mermaids, this pattern is very real and sells for $2.73, which seems like kind of a steal considering.

9. Red Hot Chili Bookmark

Crocheted Red Chili Bookmark from Crochet For You

This bookmark is so easy and cute that you’ll churn out an entire harvest in an afternoon. If you’re anything like me, you’re already hoarding stocking stuffers. These are ideal.

10. Chess Bookmarks

Crocheted chess bookmarks by Little Owl's Hut

For the low, low price of $3.50, you can multitask your entertainment experience by crocheting a whole set of yarny chess pieces. Now, if you finish your book, you can always corner someone for a game.

11. Rainbow Book Marker

Rainbow Book Marker by Meladora's Creations

With this easy, free pattern, you too can experience the beauty of meteorological optical phenomena. Also, with Pride season coming up, be ready to read a rainbow book while sporting a rainbow bookmark. Pride points +15!

12. Rainbow Unicorn

Crochet rainbow unicorn from Lovin' Knit UK

Once you’re done gleefully crocheting double rainbow bookmarks (I KNOW you’re doing that) then take the next step with this $3.82 rainbow unicorn pattern.

13. School-Themed Bookmarks

Crochet School Themed Bookmarks From Lovable Loops

Since getting kids to school is itself a task, you get three free crochet bookmark patterns instead of one. Personally, I’m fond of the ruler, mostly because you could conceivably make it kinda accurate and therefore multi-use.

14. Columbine Bookmark

Crochet Columbine Bookmark Anderson's Creations

You’ll pay $6.50 for this pattern, but look how pretty it is! The lovely and simple flower will make your book look all dainty. Unless you choose to make it in black and red, in which case it’ll make your book look metal as hell.

15. Hogwarts House Scarves 

Crochet Hogwarts House Scarves from Left In Stitches

Match it with your robes and reading material to reach maximum Harry Potter. You can even buy a wand on a literary vacation if you want to go supercritical. (My wand would have a suspicious hook at the end.) Free pattern!

16. Seedling Bookmark

Crochet Budding Leaf Bookmark Tying An End

Spring approaches! Those of us with gardens are trying hard to make the little green leaves appear in the pots we’ve balanced precariously on the radiator. While we wait, here’s the next best thing. $2.99 from Etsy.

17. Nyan Cat

Crochet Nyan Cat Bookmark from Justyna Kacprzak

Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan

The only cost is the sleep you will lose as that tune runs through your head all night.

18. Buddha Bookmark

Crochet Buddha Bookmark from Chrochet4Us

The Buddha wants to make sure you achieve full enlightenment by finishing your book. This pattern is $3.41 on Etsy.

19. Tapeworm Bookmark

Crochet Tapeworm Bookmark From Malgorzata Machowska

Let us not judge this bookworm by their species. Even Taenia saginata enjoys the life of the mind. Plus, the pattern is free!

20. Chevron Bookmark

Crochet Chevron Bookmark From Rich Texture Crochet

This easy stack of pretty arrows has a kicky little tassel on the end. It’s available for $1.93.

21. Octagonal Flower

Crochet Octagonal Flower from NoobCraft

This free pattern isn’t as hard as it looks and turns out lovely. It’s one of those amazing pieces where you can mix and match your preferred colors until the combination is just right.

22. Victorian Boot

Crochet Victorian Boot Bookmark From Leisure Arts

If you’re going to steampunk, then do it right. For $5.99, you too can crochet a bookmark based on Victorian ladies’ footwear.

23. Literary Characters

Crochet Characters Bookmarks From Katia

Don’t be intimidated by tiny Harry Potter! If you can do basic crochet stitches, then you can make these amigurumi cuties. Free pattern!

24. The Commonwealth Law Report

Crochet Commonwealth Law Report Bookmark from Jazmo Crochet

You are not just a geek, you’re an Australian law geek. The top of the barrel! Flaunt it!

25. Pencil Bookmarks

Crochet Pencil Bookmarks From Knot My Designs

Who says you can’t make notes in your books? Show them with these giant pencil bookmarks!