Quiz: Which Dungeons & Dragons Race Are You?

R. Nassor

Senior Contributor

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I welcome you to the bookish Dungeons & Dragons race quiz that might just be able to help if you ever asked yourself: Which D&D race am I? Moreover, if a quiz looked into my very bookish soul, what would it see? Can anything really assess my reading habits and preferences in 10 questions and give me an answer right away? If I did my job right, the answer to all of the above is yes.

My Dungeons & Dragons race quiz will help you find your D&D race based on your reading habits and bookish traits. Although the book questions are geared toward fantasy, they cover a range of fantasy sub-genres. Now, this would be an impossibly long quiz if I included all the Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) D&D races in 5e, so I have limited my list to the basic rules in the Player’s Handbook. So, my primary caveat is today, you are limited to Dragonborn, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Halfling, Half-Orc, Human, and Tiefling. The secondary caveat to my Dungeons & Dragons race quiz is that I am working based on the WOTC listed race details and traits.

A character can be built in many, many different ways, so I am sure this bookish quiz will only cover a subsection of potential traits. Dungeons & Dragons is a wonderful game that builds community, can improve your mental health, and can be played in many, many ways. What’s important is we’re all going to have a good time while we are at it. So, are you ready to see what this Dungeons & Dragons race quiz has to say about you?

I hope you received the answers you were looking for. You should also check out these books or these books, recommended based on your Dungeons & Dragons class. You can even go get yourself a fun D&D-related shirt. And, if you don’t feel like you got the right answer the first time, feel free to take the Dungeons & Dragons race quiz again!

Dungeons & Dragons Race Quiz Results


When it comes to reading, you are channeling Dragonborn everywhere. You are drawn to books that rely on honoring the collective, just like the Dragonborn self-sufficient clans. Your reading habits definitely come from dragons.


The books you pick up speak to your Dwarvish traits. You are attracted to books that focus on clan, tradition, and skill. Your bookish traits reveal your respect for the stone and metal workmanship that starts in the heart of mountains.   


It’s official, your library thinks you’re an Elf. When you read, you appreciate the value of nature, magic, and art that comes from your timeless perspective and propensity for travel. The books you read and the way you read them exemplify the otherworldly grace that sets you apart from the world.


If your bookish habits reveal anything, it’s your Gnomish traits. When you grab a book, you appreciate acts of creation that come from exploring and playing in an exciting world. You seek energy, enthusiasm, and delight on every page.


Wow, your reading habits are so Half-Elf. Ever the diplomat, mediator, or moderator, your reading habits show you are drawn toward bridging gaps between two disparate worlds. The books you read show you appreciate both elvish patience and human exuberance in equal measure while feeling distinctly separate from either experience.


Your answers left me no other option but Halfling. Your cozy reading habits show you like good food, conversation, and community. When you read, you are drawn toward books that focus on the loyalty shown to friends and family in life.


Reading as you do, you really embody the Half-Orc. The books you read do not shy away from the greatness that comes with the Half-Orcs in society. Strong choices come from the ways you tend to feel things deeply when you read. It is lovely.


What a glorious set of Human responses to this bookish quiz. Your bookish traits lean towards privileging innovation and discovery. Adaptability, above all else, defines your Human-leaning propensity to picking up books where characters quickly adapt to new settings and make the best of it.


No surprise, your bookish habits reveal your Tiefling energy. On the whole, your bookish habits show you favor self-reliant and suspicious characters in your fiction that come from thriving in the liminal spaces of society. The essence of the Nine Hells influences your reading choices, and the ways others view them.