Quiz: What’s Your Dungeons & Dragons Alignment?

If you love the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, then you know all about character alignments. You’ve probably played characters from all different kinds of backgrounds will all kinds of motivations. Deciding alignments for your characters can be pretty easy. But figuring out what your own Dungeons & Dragons alignment is? Well, that’s a much bigger question that this Dungeons & Dragons alignment quiz can help with.

If you’re less familiar with D&D, you might be wondering, “What the heck is character alignment?” In the D&D roleplaying game, alignments helps you discern the ethical and moral values of your character. The nine alignments fall on two axes: law versus chaos and good versus evil. Finding out where your character falls on these axes can help guide you to how to play your character and how to react in different situations.

And if knowing your character’s alignment can help you know what do do for your character, then surely knowing your own alignment can help you figure out what to do in your real life. In other words, this might be the most important quiz you ever take. Once and for all, it’s time to discover what your personal D&D alignment is.

Unhappy with your result in this Dungeons & Dragons alignment quiz? Remember this is all in good fun, and alignments can always change with time!

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