Quiz: Which Member of Dumbledore’s Army from Harry Potter Are You?

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Okay, I’ll admit making Harry Potter quizzes might be one of my pandemic coping mechanisms. But I’m going to keep going in case taking Harry Potter quizzes might be one of yours. Also they are fun! When I’m anxious, I revert back to a childhood habit of listening to the Harry Potter audio books read by Jim Dale when I’m trying to get to sleep. I’ve recently reached book 5, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, where Harry and his classmates form Dumbledore’s Army.

And that, reader, is the inspiration for this Dumbledore’s Army quiz. The DA, as abbreviated in the books, always appealed to me. Kids and teenagers are often told they have to wait to join organizations to make a difference. But in my experience, as a former teenager and now as a teacher, people under 18 can often be the most politically engaged. We have so many examples of this in fiction and in real life.

Harry Potter, wonderful character that he is, often would expect to shoulder the entire burden of whatever evil he was fighting. But Dumbledore’s Army was such a great example of how collectively people can accomplish more than individuals. So many Hogwarts students wanted to help fight Voldemort. And in the end, Harry maybe have truly been Hogwarts’s best Defense Against the Dark Art Professor. He taught so many students important charms and counter-jinxes. Throughout the book adult witches and wizards sound amazed when any under-aged wizard can produce the Patronus charm, let alone a corporeal Patronus. But Harry taught this powerful defensive spell to several members of Dumbledore’s Army.

Answer the ten questions in the Dumbledore’s Army quiz and you will find out if you are more of a Harry, a Neville, or one of the other members! The great thing about this quiz is that there are no bad options…unless you get Marietta Edgecombe!

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