Dubai Opens New Book-Shaped Library



Always books. Never boring.

The newest library and cultural center in the Arab world is one that exemplifies its purpose through architecture. Dubai’s brand new Library of Mohammed bin Rashid is a 54,000 square meter (about 581,000 square feet!) facility that invites the public to explore over a million print and digital books, as well as over 6 million research articles.

The exterior of the library looks like an open book resting on a holder. Each of the floors of the library features different genres, inviting visitors to spend time exploring and discovering.

An entire floor of the library is dedicated to rare and antique items, including items dating as far back as the 13th century.

“The library of Mohammed bin Rashid is the newest library in the Arab world. We made sure from the start that it is a modern library and a source for knowledge,” said Mohammed al-Murr, chairman of the library.

It’s been deemed the largest cultural project in Dubai. In addition to its unique design, it features eco-friendly features such as solar panels and and water recycling, used for its green spaces.

The development of the library was announced in February 2016, corresponding with the “Year of Reading.” Though slated to open in 2018, it finally opened its doors in June 2022.

For readers and fans of libraries, this is one for the bucket list.