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Dress Like These Famous Literary Characters With These Modern Outfits: Critical Linking, July 15, 2019

Critical Linking is a daily roundup of the most interesting bookish links from around the web.

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“If you’re looking for another way to pay homage to your favorite literary heroines, why not dress like them? We rounded up the best outfits that will make you look like you’re straight out of your most beloved book. Whether you keep it simple like Jane Eyre or you’re crazy for Claudia Kishi’s bold style, here’s how to dress like your favorite literary characters.”

If you have some money to blow and are looking for outfits inspired by famous literary characters, these are great—I want that Katniss romper!

“Under DRM, you are not buying a copy but a license, a license subject to whatever restrictions the company empowered to issue that license would like to set. I exaggerated a bit up the page: It’s possible you do own some of the digital books you’ve previously bought because some titles are sold without DRM protections, but my hunch is you have no idea which ones those are and probably didn’t pay any attention one way or another at the time of purchase.”

I am never here for the print vs digital debate, because read what you want how you want and be happy, BUT I do think it’s important for everyone to understand their ebook rights—or lack thereof—just because the more you know.

“Though Independence Day has passed, there’s still plenty of time to get your barbecue on this summer. With cookout season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to break out some food-related reading material, and fortunately, there are plenty of great new books on the menu. Below, EW presents a sample platter of brand-new options, several of which include recipes (in case you need some culinary inspiration). Hopefully you’ll walk away with an appetite for at least one of these tomes. Just don’t leave it too close to the grill.”

Hello, new food memoirs. Get in my brain and belly!

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