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Dreamcasting the Young Avengers

Amy Diegelman

Staff Writer

Amy Diegelman's fangirl tendencies date all the way back to sneaking into her brother's room to steal his comic books and have never wavered. Amy is a high-school drama nerd from Missouri, who somehow ended up with Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master's Degree in Library Science. She is a Teen Librarian in Chicago, IL where she lives with her computer, video games, and a cat-shaped monster named CJ. Amy reviews books for School Library Journal, tweets at @amydieg, and once breathed the same air as LeVar Burton. Twitter: @amydieg

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s run of Young Avengers is one of my all time favorite superhero stories. It is packed with complex young characters that are overflowing with heart and sass. Between the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s focus on the grown-up Avengers and the current popularity of Gillen and McKelvie’s The Wicked + The Divine (which was dreamcast to perfection by our own Hattie Kennedy), I can’t help but think how amazing a time it would be to bring these guys to the screen. Characters as interesting as this would be amazing for a TV show. Who might star in such a show? I am so glad you asked…


America Chavez / Miss America – Demi Lovato

The chance to casting America was a big part of what prompted this endeavor, but I quickly realized it would be the hardest part. My love for Miss America is vast, and I felt tons of pressure making the right choice for the tough as nails, inter-dimensional, lesbian, Latina superhero (I take this shiz seriously, y’all). I won’t go on a rant about the lack of Latina actresses getting exposure in mainstream entertainment, but it sure made this a challenge. Eventually, with the wise guidance of our editor Preeti Chhibber, I ended up with Demi Levato. She’s gorgeous, she’s badass, and she vocally supports gay rights. Ideally America would just punch through to our dimension and play HERSELF, but failing that I think Demi would do a great job.


Kate Bishop / Hawkeye – Arden Cho

This lovable rich kid turned hero needs sass and confidence, with a little immaturity sitting just underneath. I don’t know where I first saw someone suggest Arden Cho as Kate Bishop but I have never looked back. Her Teen Wolf costar Crystal Reed’s experience with a bow may make her seem like the obvious choice, but there’s something about Arden that just clicks with Kate Bishop. And Arden is no stranger to action herself- her katana skills are LEGIT.

Teddy Altman/Hulkling  – Alexander Ludwig

Alexander Ludwig Hulkling

The perfect Hulkling, for me, needs to be able to capture both the intimidating tough guy and the sweet, lovable boyfriend. Alexander Ludwig has that illusive quality of being built like a damn redwood and having a baby face you could just smush all day. I’d love to see him have the chance at a complex role like this, especially considering some of the really emotional moments Teddy goes through.


Billy Kaplan/Wiccan – Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey Wiccan

I have to be honest, this post was in real danger of becoming Amy Turns Teen Wolf Into The Young Avengers. Its a miracle I managed to limit myself to two actors. I am a pillar of self control. Tyler Posey is a natural fit for Wiccan, as far as I’m concerned. He has shown an ability to evoke so much emotion from viewers on Teen Wolf, and can kick ass when he needs to. Plus he’s got a loyal following, think how many young ones we could bring into the fold! Also: that hair.


Marvel Boy – Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer Marvel Boy

Yes, these pictures did need to be shirtless and yes, I do think they speak for themselves. Seriously though: sexiness, power, confidence, hair, jawline – the kid has it all.

Prodigy – Brandon T. Jackson

Brandon T Jackson Prodigy

Prodigy is such an interesting character, he has a lot going on even though we don’t necessarily get to spend a ton of time with him over the course of this story. I haven’t seen Brandon T Jackson in a lot of things, but, as you can probably tell, fancasts for me are a lot about gut instinct, and my gut says this guy is perfect to bring this character to life.


Kid Loki – Jaden Smith

You can try to tell me this wouldn’t work but I will not believe you.


So what do you think? Would you tune into the Young Avengers on the small screen? Who are your perfect teen superhero squad?