50 Of Our Favorite Fiery Dragon Bookends

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It’s no secret that I love fantasy and dragons, so I had a blast compiling these 50 fiery dragon bookends for all the dragon-lovers out there, regardless of how much gold you’ve managed to hoard.

Just imagine your A Song of Ice and Fire series tucked between Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon eggs, or your epic Dragonlance paperbacks framed by fighting red and blue dragons, or your Temeraire books displayed between two orb-wielding dragons. Or maybe you want some vintage Chinese brass dragons for your Where the Mountain Meets the Moon books, or a cute dragon knit for your How to Train A Dragon set. The possibilities are endless but one thing’s for sure, these dragon bookends will fire up your shelving.

dragon bookends worth a Small Hoard of gold (Under $50)

Dragon Bookends Pattern (Knit), Free pattern on Lion Brand

Free knit pattern dragon bookends

Knight And Dragon Bookend Pair, £9.80 ($12.97) on Not on the High Street

Children's knight and dragon bookends

Dragon Head Bookends, $17 on Mercari

Dragon Head Bookends

Vintage Cast Iron Bookends, $20 on Etsy

Vintage cast iron dragon bookends

Dragons and Knights Nursery & Kid’s Bookends, $21 on Etsy

Dragons and knights pillow bookends for children

Baby Dragon Nursery or Kid’s Bookends, $21 on Etsy

Baby dragons pillow bookends for children

Fierce Dragon Mystical Muted Soft Green Color Bookend, $22.20 on Amazon

Green dragon bookends

Perched Dragons With Orbs, $24.99 on Amazon

Perched dragon bookends with orbs

Cute Dragons For Nursery, Bookends, £18.95 ($25.07) on Little Ragamuffin

Cute children's dragon bookends

Dragon Bookends—glazed, £19.95 ($26.42) on Figuren Shop

Red and purple glazed dragon bookends

Bellaa Gothic Dragon Bookends Medieval Castle, $27.99 on Amazon

Gothic dragon bookends

Knowledge Keepers Dragons, $27.99 on Shop 4 Megastore

Thinking gothic dragon bookends

Touch of Class Golden Dragon Pair Autumn Gold Pair, $28.99 on Amazon

Golden dragon bookends

Red & Orange Dragon Pair, $29.67 on Etsy

Red and orange dragon bookends

Wizard and Dragon And Wizard Bookends, $29.99 on Abaxion

Wizard and dragon bookends

Bellaa Gothic Castle Dragons Sculptural Book Ends, $32.99 on Amazon

Gothic castle dragon bookends

Design Toscano Blackmore Dragons Library Holder, $38.90 on Amazon

Library holder dragons bookends

Gray Friar Dragon Statue Bookends, $38.90 on Amazon

Gothic dragon head bookends

Personalized Game of Thrones handmade bookends, $39 on Etsy

Personalized game of throne dragon bookends

Gothic Excalibur Sword Guardian, $39.99 on Amazon

Excalibur guardian dragon bookends

Dragon Skull, $39.99 on Amazon

Dragon and skull bookends

Gothic Purple Dragon Bookends, $40 on Amazon

Gothic purple dragon bookends

Dragon Bookends, $44.99 on Abaxion

Green and gold dueling dragon bookends

Dragon book ends, $45 on Etsy

Blue dragon bookends

Dragon Bookends Mystic Legends Juliana, £34.95 ($46.10) on Gothic Gifts

Blue and red geode dragon bookends

Vintage Pair of Brass Dragons, $48 on Etsy

Antique brass dragon bookends

dragon bookends worth a middling hoard of gold ($50-$150)

Dragons Metal, $50 on Etsy

Metal dragon bookends

Oriental Dragon Metal Bookends, $55 on Etsy

Oriental dragons metal bookends

Whimsical Reading Dragon Bed Time Stories Bookends Draglings, $56.06 on Bonanza

Reading dragon bookends

Steampunk Cyborg Bookends, $59.99 on Amazon

Steampunk dragon bookends

Dragon Egg Bookends, Hidden compartment, $59.99 on Etsy

Dragon egg bookends with hidden compartments

Dragon & Knight Bookends, $62.99 on Etsy

Dragon and knight metal bookends

Vintage Pair of Brass Dragon Bookends, $63.75 on Etsy

Vintage brass dragon bookends

Dragon book-ends, $64.88 on Etsy

Overweight dragon bookends

Dragon Bookend—threepart, £52.95 ($69.84) on Figuren Shop

Threepart dragon bookend

Vintage Stone Bookends with Etched Dragons, $69.99 on Etsy

Vintage stone etched dragon bookends

Dragon Bookends, Mystical Decor, $72.95 on Etsy

Dragon and woman metal bookends

Dragon Bookends, Antiquated Ivory, $86.90 on One Kings Lane

Ivory dragon bookends

Collectible Blue Twin Dragons Gothic Fantasy, $99 on Bonanza

Blue dragon holding skulls bookends

Windstone Editions Stone Dragons, Right and Left, $53 each or $106 for the set on By the Sword

Stone dragon bookends

Dark Legends Dragon Head Book Ends, $107.04 on Ecrater

Purple or green dragon head bookends

Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones: Dragon Egg Bookends, $117.58 on Amazon

Game of thrones dragon egg bookends


Medieval Myth Winter White Snow Dragons, $120 on Etsy

Snow white dragon bookends

Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones: Dragonstone Gate Set, $124.99 on Amazon

Game of thrones dragonstone gate bookends

Hubley Bookends St. George and the Dragon 1920s, $125 on Etsy

St. George and the dragon vintage bookends

Carved Soapstone Bookends, $129 on Etsy

Carved soapstone white dragon bookends

Dragon bookends worth a mountain-sized hoard of gold ($150 and up)

Dragon Bookends in Brass, $195 on One Kings Lane

Brass vintage dragon bookends

Handmade Dragon Egg Bookend, Magical Color Changing 6.75″ Purple to Blue (Gender Reveal), $100 for single, $200 for pair on Amazon

Game of Thrones gender reveal dragon egg bookends

Enchantica Bookends, $250 on The Days of Knights

Enchantica purple fighting dragon bookends

Silver Plated Bookends, $975 on Scully & Scully

Silver-plated dragon bookends

Rioters love bookends, so if you didn’t find the fabulous, fantasy bookend of your dreams, keep browsing.

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