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Don’t Be Blue, These Comics Are for You!

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Eileen Gonzalez

Contributing Editor

Eileen's primary literary love is comic books, but she’s always on the lookout for her next literary adventure no matter what form it takes. She has a Bachelor's in media studies, a Master's in digital communication, a smattering of published short stories, and a seriously cute dog. Follow her on Bluesky.

July already! How about that? This edition of the Stack features new comics releases and plenty of other fun things for you to enjoy during this holiday week.

Bookish Goods

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New Releases

Burst Angel Vol 1 cover

Burst Angel Volume One by Minoru Murao

Takeru is just a culinary student, but he wants more than that out of life — maybe something more like what Jo and Meg, who make their living by making other people’s lives safer, have. To do that, however, Takeru will first have to overcome his fears and all of the other things that are holding him back!

The Pale Queen cover

The Pale Queen by Ethan M. Aldridge

Agatha has grand ambitions: she wants to be an astronomer. But her obsession with the sky might be distracting her from the danger closer to home. The Lady of the Hills offers Agatha tantalizing information and assistance, but she is nothing like what she seems to be. Agatha will have to figure out what the Lady really wants before she can pursue her own dreams.

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: blue! For the Fourth of July, I figured I’d spotlight comics with covers featuring one of the three most patriotic colors in the U.S. (even though the stories themselves take place elsewhere…oh well!).

Parenthesis cover

Parenthesis by Élodie Durand

Judith developed a brain tumor as a teenager. This caused seizures and left her with memory loss that she is still grappling with years later. Because the tumor occurred during her formative developmental years, Judith missed a lot of the milestones that her peers got to experience, and she now has to find a different way to grow up and move on.

Blue Giant by Shinichi Ishizuka cover

Blue Giant Omnibus Volumes One and Two by Shinichi Ishizuka

Despite his busy life, high school student Dai never felt like he was going anywhere until he discovered jazz. Now determined to succeed as a saxophone player, Dai first has to figure out what “success” means in the music world and how he can achieve it. This omnibus edition collects the first two volumes of this award-winning series.

This is the last edition of the Stack before Independence Day. If you’re celebrating, have fun! If not, have fun anyway! And if you’re in the UK, GO VOTE!