Doctors Are Learning The Importance Of Poetry In Healing: Critical Linking, October 3

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I’ve changed my mind. Physicians are beginning to understand that the role of language and human expression in medicine extends beyond that horizon of uncertainty where doctor and patient must speak to each other about a course of treatment. The restricted language of blood oxygen levels, drug protocols, and surgical interventions may conspire against understanding between doctor and patient—and against healing. As doctors learn to communicate beyond these restrictions, they are reaching for new tools—like poetry.

Doctors are learning the importance of poetry in healing.

In August, the government acknowledged that it had banned 4,390 books since 2014, hundreds of them this year, including many works of literature that had once been considered untouchable, setting off street demonstrations and online protests.

More heartbreaking book banning news.

Lion Forge’s answer is to offer readers a list of graphic novels and periodical comics in a variety of genres, in addition to the more prevalent superhero comics, with selections that embrace the perspectives of women, people of color, and LGBTQ communities. The publisher’s lists are also produced and promoted by a diverse editorial and marketing staff.

Exactly what we need more of in comics!