Critical Linking

DNF That Instagrammed Book Without Guilt: Critical Linking, March 9, 2020

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“So, is it dishonest to leave a book by the wayside after whacking a photo of it on my Insta Story alongside the caption “next up” or “now reading”? What about the books that have so much social media hype, you feel left out if you haven’t nabbed a copy so you can #galleybrag? In short: If you post books on Instagram, are you sentenced to read them?”

Enjoy your reading. DNF if you want. Instagram what you want, don’t let it hold you hostage.

“‘There’s this way black art is talked about,’ he says, ‘that is invisible to white people.’ These loaded comments show up when Taylor is compared to James Baldwin more frequently than contemporary writers such as Sally Rooney and Rachel Cusk, who also mine the lives of messy, overeducated twentysomethings. ‘I’m like, what Baldwin novel is this book in conversation with?’ Taylor shouts, exasperated.”

If you don’t know Brandon Taylor yet you should.

“Gabrielle Union and her daughter, Kaavia James, have had more than a few cute moments together (and some pretty hilarious ones, too), and now the mommy-daughter duo have collaborated on a children’s book. Welcome to the Party, illustrated by Ashley Evans, is inspired by Gabrielle’s personal excitement leading up to Kaavia James’s birth on Nov. 7, 2018, and we have a feeling it’s going to be adorable.”

That cover is beautiful.