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The Best D&D Tables To Upgrade Your Home Game

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If you are a lover of tabletop games, chances are you’ve gone to, or hosted, a game night. They can be so much fun! Everyone gathered around a table with snacks, drinks, dice, games, and friendship. But with lots of people gathered around those D&D tables comes a very challenging problem: space. And to a lesser extent, organization.

This is especially relevant with Dungeons and Dragon, where everyone has all their dice, character sheets, notebooks and other D&D accessories. Not to mention the best game nights have got to have some sort of delicious snack. With all those people and all those things, it can be hard to get everyone to fit comfortably without getting too much in each others way.

Enter the gaming table. Gaming tables are designed to give everyone the space they need, while still allowing room for battle maps, minis, and whatever else the DM might need. There are a lot of truly beautiful tables out there that range in price and complexity. Some of these are even designed so that it can be used as a regular desk or dinning table throughout the week when you aren’t playing D&D.

Some of these tables are delivered straight to your door, while others are much more hands on. No matter your budget or your skill level at assembling furniture, there is a table on this list for you.

Custom D&D Tables

You really can’t talk about D&D tables without mentioning Wyrmwood. It’s the most luxurious of gaming tables, including a crank to raise and lower the center of the table to the perfect height. You can customize just about everything, and it’s all high quality craftsmanship — the catch is that it starts at $8,500 and quickly goes up from there. For more affordable options, keep reading!

D&D Tables on Etsy

a photo of a wooden gaming table with a recessed vault

These plans for a DIY table are spectacular for those who want to make their own. This downloadable PDF is only $18, and guides you through the entire process. It even comes with bragging rights: when friends compliment it, you get to say you built it! It has a recessed vault for gaming and a cover for use as a regular dining table.

DIY TV Gaming Table

The plans for this amazing DIY table come in at $99, but it creates the ultimate gaming experience. The inside can be removed to place maps, cards, and whatever else you might need. It comfortably sits eight, with a special place for the DM.

Custom Board and Card Game Table with Vault

This $1,600 multipurpose table can be used as your average kitchen table, and the ultimate table top gaming set up. You don’t even have to move things in between uses: everything can be stored in the table, just waiting for the next game.

Stashwick premium game table

This ultimate gaming table is a bit pricy at $7,000, but you will be the envy of all your gaming friends. It seats six players, and has a special spot for the DM. If you have the space for it, this table will bring your game to the next level.

Custom Size Digital Map Case for Tabletop Gaming

This is not so much a table as it is an enhancement. This digital map case is a custom frame that’s priced at $450. All you do is set it on your table with a screen inside. Now you can make your battle maps dynamic and add all sorts of movement and animation.

43" Walnut Digital Map Case for Tabletop RPGs

This fantastic map case comes in at $675, and elevates your gameplay as well as your table. Not only does it allow for amazing maps, it also creates space on your table for everything else you need, without the worry of covering up the precious battle map.

D&D Tables on Amazon

octagon wooden gaming table

This beautiful wooden table comes in at just under $1,100. It seats up to eight people and makes your game play all that much fantastical. It’s a beautiful furniture item that you can show off in your home year round.

foldable poker table

For a more inexpensive option, this foldable table is $200, and it’s perfect for small spaces. It folds away easily when it’s not in use, and provides enough space for drinks, a battle map, dice, and up to eight people.

There are tons of amazing D&D tables out there, you just have to keep your eyes open. Looking for more ways to spruce up your game? Be sure to check out which D&D guidebooks you should have in your collection.