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DIY Craft Kits for Book Lovers

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While puzzles may be becoming easier to find, as are any needle-based craft kit, chances are that you might be itching to add some more at-home activities to your roster of things to do. When you can no longer read or want to do something with your hands while you listen to an audiobook, why not try out a DIY craft kit for book lovers?

These bookish DIY kits are perfect for exploring a new hobby without putting in a huge investment. Learn how to do some book-making, some screen printing, paper marbling, and more with kits that offer everything you need to try your hand at a new skill.

Do It Yourself With Craft Kits for Book Lovers

Curious about the art of bookbinding? There’s a kit to get you started. $52 will get you started with options for the color of journal you can make, as well as the type of paper included.

Maybe you want to create your own Medieval style journal. This kit has a number of color options and will run you $53.

Try your hand at calligraphy with this kit (which includes a pen!). $33.

Create your own book shelf insert with this handy kit and display your favorite odds and ends among your reading. $40 for the DIY kit.

Once you master the shelf insert above, challenge yourself with this book nook shelf insert and have a unique piece of hand-made art for your shelf. $133 and up, depending on size.

Customize this embroidery kit with your name. You’ll get the pattern, instructions, canvas, thread, needle, and hoop! $35.

Make a set of Where The Wild Things Are wooden blocks. $39 and up.

Harness the power of the sun with this cyanotype solar printing kit. How cool are these shadow prints? $15 and up.

Maybe give paper quilling a spin with this handy kit. $21.

A watercolor DIY shelfie would look great in your reading nook. $30.

Owl bet this is a pretty relatable embroidery piece. The kit will run you $31.

Create leather-like bookmarks from…clay! You read that correctly. This kit is $12.

Have some fun with stab binding. $20.

There are so many incredible details in this DIY mini bookshop kit! $86.

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