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12 DIY Book Nook Kits That Add An Extra Dose of Magic to Your Shelves

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Kate Krug


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Looking for a fun and creative project to spice up your bookshelves? Meet our very good friend: book nook kits. The concept of a book nook or a “bookshelf insert” has been around for a while, but these decorative pieces are finding new life through social media.

In case you’re unfamiliar, book nooks are decorative pieces that give the illusion of a gateway to another world. They’re often themed to match the surrounding books or feature cozy scenes like a bookshop or coffeehouse to complete the ambiance. You can easily find pre-made book nooks from talented creators on Etsy, Amazon, or other small businesses.

Or, if you’re feeling crafty, you can purchase book nook kits with everything you need to make your own. The best part about book nook kits is that you can customize them to your liking. Whether you want to recreate the iconic light post from The Chronicles of Narnia or Camp Half-Blood from Percy Jackson & the Olympians or add a touch of literary charm to your shelves, there’s a book nook for everyone.

So go ahead and unleash your best DIY self.

Elk Forest Book Nook

Picture a scene of pure serenity: a magical woodland paradise peeking through your bookshelf. This is the style Elk Forest. $91

Cyber World Book Nook

A perfect fit for any sci-fi collection, this Cyber World book nook uses cyberpunk vibes plus light and shadow aesthetics to create the ultimate escape. $108.

Countryside Book Nook with Anne of Green Gable Books

Add a whimsical countryside vibe to your bookshelf with this pastel-colored beauty. $110.

Magical Pharmacy Book Nook

Complete with potion bottles, a witch’s broom, and a black cat, this little Magical Pharmacy book nook is perfect for brewing up spells. $77.

Book Nook Showing a Small Village with Balloons like "UP"

Channeling “Up” vibes, this book nook paints a cheery scene with bright colors and a house being levitated by balloons. $90.

Alice in Wonderland Book Nook

This Alice in Wonderland-themed book nook features Alice before the Queen of Hearts in her court, surrounded by her playing cards while the White Rabbit presides. The design is super intricate and takes an estimated 10+ hrs to assemble. $50.

Game of Thrones Book Nook with Iron Throne

Add dimension to your Game of Thrones collection with this themed book nook. Peep the Iron Throne in the back. $97.

Garden House Book Nook

This Garden House book nook looks perfectly at home nestled between books, but the “glass” panels and openable window also make this a prime piece for featuring on a table. $60.

Bright and cheery are the perfect words to describe this Sunshine Town Book Nook. Complete with a bookshop and coffee shop, I would love a trip to Sunshine Town. $50.

Notre Dame-Themed Book Nook

Including the iconic Notre Dame architecture, this book nook depicts a woman dancing in the church while a lonesome figure watches her from the rafters. I haven’t been to Paris, but this brings a similar energy. $55.

Sakura-themed Book Nook

With a picturesque view of the Tokyo Sakura Tram, this scene depicts one of the two tram lines in the city. You can almost smell the cherry blossoms. $50.

The pretty watercolors of this underwater book nook scene will add a peaceful and inviting vibe to any bookcase. $50.