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I am a recent convert to manga, especially yuri or lesbian manga. If you’re also new to the format, you might want to start with my earlier post, Lesbian Manga and Yuri Manga: What’s the Difference and Where Should You Start? Yuri is usually defined as manga (or anime) that includes an F/F romance or lesbian subtext. Lesbian manga, on the other hand, is manga with characters who ID as lesbian: no subtext here! While I enjoy yuri manga, I especially appreciate LGBTQ manga that actually addressed queer identities and real-life experiences, not just girls blushing at each other — though there’s a place for that, too!

Unfortunately, lesbian manga and LGBTQ manga in general is harder to find, as is any lesbian or yuri manga with adult main characters. Yuri manga continues to be dominated by schoolgirl stories, which makes sense if you are familiar with the history of the genre. It’s also historically been more acceptable in Japan for girls to “play” at romance with each other (especially in all-girls schools), with the expectation that they would grow up to be with men. This allowed room for romances between girls without having to take those relationships seriously.

Times have changed, though, and we’re starting to see more yuri and lesbian manga that takes its relationships seriously. We’re even seeing relationships depicted between adult women! Here are all the ones I could find published in English — because this is still a pretty limited sub-genre, there are some repeats from my earlier lesbian manga post. This is excluding any titles that are not yet available in English or are only available online: these are all traditionally published books with official English translations.

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