The Delightful World of Sherlock Holmes Book Covers

Recently, inspired by a marathon watching of the BBC’s Sherlock show, I started reading the books. I had read a couple of the stories when I was young, but never this much of the source material. It’s so good! I love when books you have heard so much about turn out to be as good as everyone says. My goal this year is to read the four Sherlock novels, plus all the short stories. I imagined that something so widely known as Sherlock Holmes must have fantastic cover art to go along with it – and I was right. Here are a few really cool Sherlock covers I found.

A Michael Kirkham design; a 1966 Slovakian cover; Polish cover from 1956

cover of sherlock holmes by michael kirkham

slovakian cover of sherlock holmes book

Polish Sherlock Holmes coverCover by Bryan Innes; from the Rediscovering the Classics project; Australian cover

bryan innes sherlock cover

imagined Sherlock cover

Australian Sherlock cover









Another Australian cover; an old Harper’s editionPenguin India cover

classic Sherlock book cover

old Harpers Sherlock cover

Penguin India Sherlock cover









Bull & Cross design; unknown artist; yet another Australian cover

Bull & Cross Sherlock cover

great adventures sherlock book coverPenguin Australia Sherlock cover









I highly suggest checking out the Google images yourself. And one more thing I found – this was too glorious to go without mention: Sherlock Holmes vs. Skeletor.

sherlock vs skeletor cover

I am really tempted to buy this.

What book franchise do you love?


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