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How To Deck Your Halls With Literature

Raych Krueger

Staff Writer

Raych has so many kids (like, two, but they’re super young, which makes it seem like there are more of them) and this really cuts into her reading time. She’s using her degrees in Early Childhood Education and English Literature to teach the toddler to read to the baby so she can get back to her trashy Victorian sensation novel, or whatever. She’s also teaching her kids to travel and eat broadly, mostly through example (Do As I Do is super important, you guys), and hasn’t gone a year without hopping on a plane since she was a teenager. She recently moved from the Canadian coast to the Canadian prairies, where it gets hella cold, and if not for the internet, she’d surely be dead. Blog: Books I Done Read Twitter: @raychraych

I have a very Christmas Threw Up In My House decorating aesthetic (it’s festive), and like any book lover worth my salt, I prefer to have books in, on, or around me at all times.

The holidays are the perfect time to festoon your house with books. Most of these are DIY-able, although if you are the kind of person who can’t stand the desecration, EVEN WHEN IT’S LIKE AN OUT-OF-DATE SCIENCE TEXT OR SOMETHING THAT WOULD END UP PULPED ANYWAY, you should probably look away.


Wrap your presents in old book pages if you want to be obvious and boring, ORRRRR tag presents with these amazing book monograms.

Book tag monogram 


Learn how to make paper flowers from this tutorial


and get really good at them so that you can make this wreath:

diy paper flower christmas wreath

As long as we’re making wreaths, get a pen and some watercolors to make this ridiculously beautiful one.

paper flowers watercolor wreath

If flowers ain’t your thing, this simple rolled paper wreath looks quick and fairly uncomplicated. Since it has less going on, try for a nicer book than an old James Patterson; this sheet music is lovely.

easy diy paper wreath

If you have extra sheet music left over, dip some strips in glitter to make an adult (like…fancy. Not like adult) version of your classic elementary school Christmas chain.

sheet music paper chain christmas


I’ve had these sparkly baubles pinned for as long as I’ve had Pinterest, so obviously I’m going to make them soon.

paper ornaments decoupage

This rolled paper ornament is like a miniature version of the wreath above. Plus acorn.



These ones can be purchased on Etsy, though you could try your hand at them if you have nimbler fingers and sharper scissors than I do.

paper ornament flower

These stars are also from Etsy, but if my elementary school memories are correct, sixth-graders are extremely good at folding and you probably have one near you willing to work for sugar cookies.

origami star paper ornament


SPEAKING of elementary school, everybody made one of these, right? Fold down a magazine, spray paint it green?

magazine christmas tree

If you’re still super good at making those paper flowers and you just discovered how hilarious The Mindy Project is (it’s on Nettttflixxxxx), get to work on this tree:

paper flower christmas tree

Or go all in and just make a whole entire tree out of whole entire books.

Christmas tree made of books 2

Everybody’s doing it.

christmas tree made of books 1

For real. Errrrrvery body. It’s completely a thing now.

Christmas tree made of books 3

Would you make any of these? How are you incorporating your love of books into the holidays?


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